Womens Fitness Challenge – August Steps


Womens Fitness Challenge

That's Me! I'm a Sloth!
That’s Me! I’m a Sloth!

Womens fitness challenge?  You want to do what now?  Okay…I’ve mentioned before that my spirit animal is a Sloth. I would definitely like to be reincarnated as a sloth that lives in a Zoo. Therefore, I would never have to find food for myself and could hang out sleeping and eating at will. That sounds like a beautiful life to me.

Unfortunately, in this life I was born a human. The human me has spent too much time sleeping and eating and not enough time moving and shaking. Working out is a chore to me. I don’t actually like getting up to do it. I feel better after I’ve done it but really getting to that point is just pulling teeth for me.

I procrastinate by nature. I will find one hundred and twenty-five other things to do instead of whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing. Really, it’s a terrible habit and not overly conducive to weight loss. Procrastination is my favorite hobby. That’s me. That’s Beck.

Enter my best bud, Ki. I’m pretty sure her spirit animal is a Road Runner. Not a real one mind you, totally the Warner Brothers cartoon version whose hyper speed allows it to cover miles in a millisecond of time.

This girl accomplishes so much in a day; it makes me tired just hearing about it.


Achilles Heel

Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

Here’s the thing, I know her Achilles heel. Her brain moves so fast she jumps from project to project, while that’s highly productive and she gets a lot done sometimes she forgets the little stuff. (Let’s hope it’s this womens fitness challenge.)

Our Ying and Yang personalities get along well as friendship is concerned. Motivation for things that are not a have to is a little sketchy for the both of us. Working out is one of those things that is iffy on the have to scale. We’re adults after all and we don’t have mom or dad standing over us telling us to get to the gym as if it were a simple clean our room request. Such is life, we’re adults now.

So how do we stay motivated? Easy… feed the competitive natures we both have.

We set a womens fitness challenge against each other. Call it Blonde vs Blonde, Ying vs Yang, sloth vs road runner, whatever you want to call it… it’s a friendly competition with very little smack talk. Okay, there’s a little but come on… it is a competition between people who have been friends for a hundred years after all.

Here are the things Beck thinks will happen: Ki will hyper focus on this competition and kick ass because that is her road runner personality. Beck will start off strong but motivation will be difficult. Therefore, Beck will have to think of this as a weekly competition to stay motivated, try very hard not to put it off to the last minute and work her butt off not to be a sloth.


The Competition:

Challenge Accepted
Challenge Accepted!

The one with the most steps between Monday August 1st and Wednesday August 31st WINS the womens fitness challenge for August.

So the RULES:

  1. Track your steps. Proof of steps must accompany all update posts.
  2. Check in for Motivation Monday and enter your stats as they are.
  3. Smack talk is acceptable as long as neither hit below the belt.
  4. Excuses are not acceptable. If you have to take a rest day for your body, do so but the actual count of steps for that day will be recorded.
  5. Don’t hurt yourself. Over exercise is just as dangerous to your health as no exercise.
  6. Take note of changes in your body. They’ll be needed for your check ins.
  7. Optional, journal the event taking note on how you feel physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Pig Tails!
Pig Tails!

Ki uses a Fitbit which shows her weekly totals. My Actiiv Tracker is not nearly as advanced. I have to take a picture of my phone (Cracked, don’t judge) screen and save that to track my daily steps. (The sloth in me is sighing right now.)

Each Monday we’ll be checking in with how we are feeling that week, the changes in our body, our measurements, etc. This is also where we will post our proof of steps for that week. (This sounds like work… what did I get myself into?)

On the final day, Wednesday August 31, we will weigh in and give our new measurements and final number of steps. Every step will be calculated, tabulated, totaled and a winner will be proclaimed.

The WINNNER Gets Bragging Rights! Whoo Hoo! You accomplished a challenge win.

The Loser…they must make a video of themselves going to the gym with the dreaded most made fun of in Elementary School hairstyle… pig tails!

We hope you play along. Challenge yourself. Challenge your friends. Just get moving. That’s the hardest part.

Forever yours,

Your friendly neighborhood Sloth. (~Beck)

P.S. To my future zoo keepers, I really like watermelon!

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