Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers: 10-Minute Time Crunch Training Kit




Ease of Use





  • Foam Handles
  • 10 Minute Workouts
  • Inexpensive


  • 1 Resistance Level
  • Short Routines

Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set


Alas again, the Dollar General bargain of $5 for equipment got me. This time, I was happy with what I paid for.

I got less in this set than I did the yoga set. It only came with one cord that doesn’t actually specify how much resistance it is equivalent too. But never fear, you can always go to Amazon and get a full set for around $30. That should help you increase or decrease as needed.

I’m assuming this set was created for absolute beginners that haven’t bit the bullet and understand that in order to lose weight one must work at it. The reason I say this is because it only came with one cord and the DVD’s workout is set for 10 minutes of your day. Great for added workout during downtime or a break if all your doing is sitting around and watching YouTube but you would need three of these routines to hit a cardio goal.

The DVD is clear with instructions. It’s easy to follow and understand.

The cord feels like latex although there is nothing that says so with handles. Bonus points for the handles being thick and foam covered. It made them very easy to use. I’m actually very impressed with the construction of the cord itself.

For $5, this was a score for me. I will be using the cord in the future. That being said, I don’t think this set is widely available. If you are looking to add resistance cords to your workout search out the best possible construction and price for you on Amazon.

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