Weight Watchers Beginners Yoga Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Yoga Block and Strap Set

Weight Watchers Yoga Set
Weight Watchers Yoga Set

Although I have practiced yoga in the past, I haven’t actually started my yoga practice in my current journey.

I bought this set at a Dollar General because it had a DVD with it and I thought HEY! Let’s try that!

Okay, now to the actual products that were included in this set. It came with a single block. Back in the day when I took yoga classes generally two blocks were used for modifications in the exercises.

It also comes with a yoga strap. It’s nice enough. It’s a soft pliable fabric in a light blue color that I’m sure I will make filthy in no time with my bare foot Florida ways.

Like I said before the blocks are used for modifications. The strap is used to help pull yourself lower or your legs higher depending on your flexibility levels. These items are great.

The DVD that came with it was just alright. The directions weren’t clear. It was hard to follow.



Overall, this whole set was a fail even at a price point of $5.

Yoga is a great discipline that I’d recommend to anyone who wants to gain flexibility. This set is disappointing.

If you are going to add yoga or Pilates into your routine I would say search Amazon for the cheapest blocks. They’re foam, there is no need to spend a lot of money on them. The same with the strap. It is a useful piece of equipment but why would you pay a lot of money for a piece of fabric?

As for a DVD, unfortunately there is no way to tell if a DVD is going to be useful to you until you actually watch it.

Yoga blocks you can find on Amazon for a set of two at $8.99. That’s a great deal.

A strap with the d links on the end can be found on Amazon from $2.52 all the way up to $20.

I would rate these pieces of equipment absolutely vital if you are going to practice Yoga or Pilates.

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