Virtual Run Race Review

Virtual Run Race Review

Virtual Run Race Review

This Virtual Run Race Review is a little different than most of my other race reviews because here I am reviewing the site that offers races instead of the actual races themselves.

There are several websites that offer various virtual races, my reviews are looking like they will be very similar for each race offered by one site.  So I thought maybe a review of the platform offering the races would be appropriate so you can decide for yourself if you want to pursue races at each site.

Races Completed with Virtual Run

  • Ink & Run
  • Covid Stoppers
  • Original Gamers 5k
  • Chase the Moon
  • Dog Dash
  • Social Distance
  • Find Your Way 20k

Obviously, I’ve done a few.  So this site seems to be one of my favorites… at least for ordering medals.  I promise… I will (eventually) write a race review for each of the races listed above.



What I Liked

There are a few positive things to tell about in this Virtual Run Race Review:

  • Military Discount
  • Medals
  • Quality
  • User Friendly

When I signed up for the Ink & Run, I was offered a military discount.  I appreciated this and I made a mental note to put this platform above the others because it offered this discount.  I feel that any company that makes it a point to thank our veterans is worth doing business with.  But then, I’m a veteran.  So there’s that.

The medals I’ve received from this company were big in size, heavy, and superior quality.  I don’t have a single complaint about the medals.  They are real nice.

The site is user friendly and it wasn’t too difficult or confusing when registering for various races or submitting time.




What I Disliked

For full disclosure, our Virtual Run Race Review should also report what isn’t so great about the platform, right?  There weren’t many things that I really dislike about the site.  But there were a few:

  • Too Easy
  • Bought not Earned
  • Cartoon…ish

For me personally, 5k and 10k races are just too easy to complete.  It almost makes them not worth the price of the medal.  However, Virtual Run does a lot of deals and flash sales that allow you to get their medals cheaper than most other sites.  For example, my Dog Dash race was only $10.

A real pet peeve of mine is when they mail you the finisher’s package right away without you having to submit any times in order to earn them.  With these, you’re essentially just buying the medal.  I don’t like that, it’s not as motivating as the races that track your progress and only mail your finisher’s package once you’ve completed the challenge.  I completed six races with Virtual Run before I ever found where you could enter your time!  That’s quite disappointing, in my opinion.

Lastly, the medals from this site tend to remind me of cartoons.  The quality is great, don’t get me wrong, it’s just that the way they are designed seems to be more cutesy and less crushed it… if that makes sense.  That’s just not my style… I’m more of a badass type o’ gal, ya know?




Cute…but maybe a little too cute.

So, to summarize my Virtual Run Race Review, I think the races offered by this site are fantastic fillers to keep me motivated when I’m losing focus on my bigger races with larger distance goals.

I do recommend this site, definitely.  It’s a great place to get started if you’re new to virtual runs.  You should never feel like you have to run any race… like marathons, you can walk it if you like… the point is to finish.

If you do decide to check out Virtual Runs and end up participating in any race, use the coupon code FORGETSKINNY to get 15% off the cost of the race, I love a good deal, don’t you?

And, by the way, if you’re looking for a cool way to track your progress on your races or just to jot down the details, be sure to check out our Virtual Race Journal.  These journals allow you to document all of the details of your race from start and finish dates to registration fees and pace times, and let’s not forget about that ever so important motivational playlist!  Grab one for yourself while supplies last.

Now… get to stepping!



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