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Fitbit Introduces Adventures

I received an email from Fitbit last week letting me know about a new feature called Adventures.  It is basically where you take a virtual adventure based on the amount of steps your Fitbit tracks you taking.

You can choose the adventure that you take, though right now there are only three adventures available.  But Fitbit does plan to add more soon.  These are solo adventures for you to enjoy on your own, they are not a race with friends.

I selected the first adventure, just to try it out and see how it works.  Now, I am still healing from a broken leg so I’m not going crazy right now on steps as I just recently got approved to walk without the supportive boot.  The break is still healing.

Vernal Falls Adventure
Vernal Falls Adventure

Daily Destination

The first adventure is a 15,000 step adventure through Vernal Falls, Yosemite.

The way it works is Fitbit calculates your average daily steps and gives you a daily destination based on that number.

If you pass your daily destination, you’ll increase your overall step average.



Along your path, you’ll discover what Fitbit calls “fun tokens of wisdom and motivation.”  If you collect each of these treasures, you’ll earn a badge.

There were 9 treasures for the Vernal Falls Adventure.  Of course, even if you don’t find all of the treasures before they expire, you will still earn the trail badge when you complete the adventure.


Vernal Falls Adventure

Landmarks – Spoiler Alert!

Happy Isles Bridge
Happy Isles Bridge

This is my favorite part of the Adventures feature.  I absolutely love to travel.  By travel, I mean road trips.  I hate flying.  Crowded airports, security checks, crowded airplanes, ears popping, turbulence, take off and touch down…my definition of hell.

I love road trips.  I love to travel my country by vehicle.  In fact, Beck and I share this interest.  We have a new theme song based on the recent road trip we took together, it’s call “Take the Back Road”.  Because that’s exactly what we did on the way home.

We took the interstate to get to New Orleans, then we took the backroads to get home…otherwise known as the scenic route.  And scenic it was considering we were on the very edge of the Gulf of Mexico the whole time.  Awesome views.

If I were rich, I would totally consider selling my house and all of my belongings and just taking road trips the rest of my life.  I love them that much.  There is so much to see and do.

The first landmark on the Vernal Falls Adventure was Happy Isles Bridge.  I love it, it’s beautiful.  Except it is very similar to the river I was next to in Puerto Rico when I broke my leg.  Bad memory.

Anyway, I was going to post all of the landmarks here but then I decided that it wouldn’t be fair for me to steal the joy of you finding them for yourself.  So I didn’t.  You’re welcome!

They are beautiful and I hope that one day I’ll be able to find them for real.  Right now, with my leg healing and a lack of fundage, this is as close as I’ll be able to get to them.


Trail Badge

Trail Badge
Trail Badge

When you complete the challenge, no matter how long it takes you, you’ll receive the trail badge for that adventure.

It took me 4 days to complete the Vernal Falls Adventure.  But that’s only because my daily step goal for right now is at a low 2,500 steps until I feel more steady on my leg.

I think many people could easily complete this adventure in one day.

It took me a grand total of 4 days and 12 hours to complete the adventure, but that’s obviously because my step counts are low right now.

I’m sure you could do it much, much faster!



Vernal Falls Adventure - Treasures
Vernal Falls Adventure – Treasures

There were 10 total treasures to find on the Vernal Falls Adventure.  Unfortunately, I only saw nine.

The treasures are kind of cool.  Some are fitness tips, some are work outs, some are just interesting facts.

I will probably repeat this adventure at some point just to find that 1 treasure that I missed.  Because…well, I hate missing stuff.   That’s why I hate sleep so much!


Anyway, if you are looking for an interesting new motivator to get your daily steps in, try out the Fitbit Adventures feature if you have a Fitbit tracker.  Who doesn’t feel accomplished when they get a new badge?

Happy stepping!



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