Texas BBQ – The Seaweed Snack – Product Review

Ocean's Halo: The SeaweedSnack









  • Rich in B-12 & Iodine
  • Organic & Vegan Certified
  • Decent Portion Size


  • Not Delicious


The Seaweed Snack
The Seaweed Snack

The Seaweed Snack by Ocean’s Halo is a USDA-Certified Organic Seaweed with natural Sea Salt.  It is non-GMO, certified Vegan as well.  There are only 20 calories per serving and this snack is high in Vitamin B-12 and Iodine.

It comes in a few different flavors: Sea Salt, Texas BBQ, Maui Onion, and Sriracha.  However, we’ve only tasted the Texas BBQ flavor.

The price for these are pretty good.  While you purchase them in 1-serving size portions, you can get a pox of 30 for $29.99, so they are only about a dollar a piece.  That’s pretty good for a snack.  It’s only slightly more expensive than a snack size back of potato chips.



This snack is made of organic seaweed, organic Texas BBQ seasoning (organic evaporated cane juice, organic tomato powder, sea salt, organic chili pepper, organic onion powder, organic garlic powder, organic spices, natural smoke flavor, citric acid, organic jalapeno, organic celery) and organic sunflower oil.



Personally, I did not enjoy this snack.  It tasted very salty to me and I’m not a salt person.  I am somewhat finicky with tastes though, anything too strong and I generally don’t appreciate it.  The Seaweed Snack does have a bit of a punch when you first try it.  My son, the blindfolded bandit, did not like it and accused me of poisoning him!  Check out my silly son taste testing:

I wouldn’t say that it tastes terrible, this is a snack that I could tolerate but likely would not enjoy.  I think if I ate the whole container of it, it would be a satisfying snack, albeit not a very tasty one.  I would say it is great for those who appreciate a Vegan or Organic diet and enjoy the taste.


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