Weight Watchers Beginners Yoga Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Yoga Block and Strap Set Although I have practiced yoga in the past, I haven’t actually started my yoga practice in my current journey. I bought this set at a Dollar General because it had a DVD with it and I thought HEY! Let’s try that! Okay, now to the actual products that were included in this set. It came with a single block. Back in the day…

August 31, 2016

Lotus Yoga Mat Exercise Product Review

Lotus Yoga Mat Do you use the Lotus Yoga Mat? This sucker is THIN! I mean it’s so thin if you don’t have carpeted floors it’s miserable to use thin! The upside is that it’s got a textured surface so you don’t slip and slide all over the place when you sweat. Although I’ve recently learned your supposed to use a towel for that. At home, I don’t want to increase…

July 29, 2016