Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Resistance Cord Set Alas again, the Dollar General bargain of $5 for equipment got me. This time, I was happy with what I paid for. I got less in this set than I did the yoga set. It only came with one cord that doesn’t actually specify how much resistance it is equivalent too. But never fear, you can always go to Amazon and get a full set…

September 28, 2016

Weight Watchers Beginners Yoga Set – Product Review

Weight Watchers Yoga Block and Strap Set Although I have practiced yoga in the past, I haven’t actually started my yoga practice in my current journey. I bought this set at a Dollar General because it had a DVD with it and I thought HEY! Let’s try that! Okay, now to the actual products that were included in this set. It came with a single block. Back in the day…

August 31, 2016

Top 10 Weight Loss Plans

First…My Disclaimer The top 10 weight loss plans listed here should not be considered my personal recommendation.  I want to state that up front.  Throughout this website, you will notice that I often repeat that everybody’s body is different. Different bodies respond differently to various diets and exercises.  I cannot tell you what will work for your body.  My aim is to provide information on what I’ve learned on my journey in hopes…

July 8, 2016