Monday Motivation – Slothy Goals

Monday Motivation - Week One
June 7, 2021

Weight Loss Journey – Beck’s Progress Imagine that, another Beck post and it hasn’t been years in between. Yay me! Sticking to something for more than a day. Progress? Maybe. Who knows? Let’s just jump into all of this shall we? June 1st was my birthday. Another trip around the sun for me. I figured I would use it the way most people use the New Year. I’d make myself…


A Slothy Comeback – Part 2

Weight Loss Journey – Beck’s Progress I wrote Part 1 of the Sloth Comeback in August of 2020.  We posted it this morning, but dated it for when I wrote it. And what happened? Was this my “Genesis Project” as I had titled it in my notebook? No. No it was far from that. It was a tiny step out of depression but it wasn’t the movement that I thought…

June 5, 2021

A Slothy Comeback – Part 1

Weight Loss Journey – Beck’s Progress Hello again. I’ve been gone for so long, I feel like I should introduce myself again. I’m Beck. One half of the Forget Skinny team. Not the one that’s very technical or grammatically correct. The other one. The slightly lazy one that writes to you as if she is in conversation with a friend. The one you may not find as informative or interesting…

August 25, 2020

Wacky Wednesday – A Letter from Sloth

Dear Beck, We need to talk, I have been your spirit animal for 40 years. I was here for your first steps, on your first day of school, when you graduated high school, when you got married, when you gave birth, when you got divorced. Even when you turned 40 and the world refused to end, I was here. I have been here through all your musing about what it…

December 5, 2018

Trivial Tuesday – To Weigh or Not to Weigh, That is the Question

 November Challenge – 2018 December 1st came and went. Successfully! As days usually do. We have yet to have an apocalypse at any point my anxiety and/or temper tantrums (lets get real… sometimes it’s both at the same time. Full on melt downs.)  have gone off the rails. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s get back on track here shall we? December 1st was the end of the…

December 4, 2018

Mental Dictionary

Internal Dialogue Over the month of November, my inner Sloth and I have had to have many conversations with each other that we do not like to have. We’ve discussed what our goals are. Sloth’s goals are to take a nap as often as possible. My goals are a little more complex. We’ve discussed our diet. Sloth is unhappy with this because Mountain Dew and Starbursts are it’s favorite foods….

November 30, 2018

Trivial Tuesday – Motivation War!

Gym Membership I am a gym member. As a gym member I’m eligible to go to “classes” where a trainer walks you through a course of exercises targeting specific muscle groups or type of workout you want to do. For example you may want to work on Cardio, burn fat, strength, stretching or a yoga style called Refresh. Any and all of these classes are available to me for the…

November 27, 2018

Beck’s Stats 9-3 to 9-9

Beck’s Progress – September 3 – September 9, 2018 Okie dokie so this is my last week of the increased steps challenge. Week four, I’m done with this challenge. To be honest my stick to it for over a month is just really difficult. How do we start this post? Let’s just go like we normally do and talk about the week. Actually, scratch that… let us back up a…

September 10, 2018

Beck’s Stats: 8-27 to 9-02 – Increased Steps

Beck’s Progress – August 27 – September 2, 2018 More steps…oh man this week ya’ll. What can I say about this week? It was full of hits and misses… broken goals and missed goals. Dramatic much? Nah… it was kinda an easy going week for the most part. Maybe it wasn’t and I just wasn’t stressed about it? Who knows… I’m just super psyched that this isn’t a weigh and…

September 5, 2018

Beck’s Stats – 8-20 to 8-26

Beck’s Progress – August 20 – August 26, 2018 So it’s the end of week two of this amped up program I have going on here. How did I do? Did I totally dive into a tub of Ben and Jerry’s and a bag of potato chips? Short answer to that is no. I did okay. Was I on target every single day? Nope. Did I at least accomplish some…

August 27, 2018