Keto Diet Plan Beginners Guide

Keto Diet Plan Beginners Guide If you’ve been searching for guidelines  to follow, look no further!  Your Keto Diet Plan Beginners Guide is right here in this post. Changing your diet is hard.  Especially while you’re trying to learn all of the details of the new diet and plan your shopping, your meals, etc. With the Ketogenic Diet being one of the most strict diets around, it can be a…

January 12, 2019

Monday Motivation – Ki – 10/1/2018

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I fell off the wagon again.  Surprise!  So, that’s the extent that I’m going to beat myself up about it.  Let’s move on. I tried several times in my life to quit smoking.  I tried on my own, I tried with friends, I tried with my husband, I tried with my parents, I tried a smoking cessation class, I tried using my pregnancy.  I…

October 1, 2018