Texas BBQ – The Seaweed Snack – Product Review

Description The Seaweed Snack by Ocean’s Halo is a USDA-Certified Organic Seaweed with natural Sea Salt.  It is non-GMO, certified Vegan as well.  There are only 20 calories per serving and this snack is high in Vitamin B-12 and Iodine. It comes in a few different flavors: Sea Salt, Texas BBQ, Maui Onion, and Sriracha.  However, we’ve only tasted the Texas BBQ flavor. The price for these are pretty good.  While…

October 25, 2016

Did You Know Flowers Are One Of Nature’s Super Foods?

Edible Flowers Good For Your Health Flowers are incredibly versatile plants, everybody knows this.  They’re beautiful and can be used as ingredients in lotions and perfumes, they work well in various art projects, they can be used for colors and pigments, they can be used for so much more.  Did you know they can also be eaten to improve your health? You read that right.  There are many different flowers…

August 9, 2016