Conquer 2020 – Race Review

Conquer 2020
May 13, 2021

Conquer 2020 Virtual Race Review The Conquer 2020 Virtual Race was one of our first races.  I saw the “Conquer 2020” theme and just had to have it.  It was so incredibly fitting for the year 2020 too!  It was a rough year, right? When I saw it, I shared it with Beck and we talked about it.  We discussed setting a goal for 2,020 miles but we were already…


My Virtual Mission Race Review

My Virtual Mission - Featured
April 4, 2021

My Virtual Mission Race Review My Virtual Mission Race Review is another review of a virtual race platform, as opposed to the actual virtual races themselves.  Don’t worry, I will be reviewing the races as well, but I think the platform deserves some respect as well.  This is, so far, my absolute favorite place to go for virtual races. There are several websites that offer various virtual races, my reviews…