Beck’s Weekly Goal – 7-30 thru 8-5

Beck’s Progress – July 30 – August 5, 2018 Baby Steps I can’t actually remember how I did stats or whatever last time I was around this way. But I know this time I’m starting pretty slow and avoiding the scale except for one time a month. Last time I was on the scale was July 30th. My weight was 234.9 pounds. I won’t be taking my weight again until…

August 6, 2018

Guess Who’s Back!

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again! Hey! Long time no talk! But I’m back! Yep, that’s right, the Sloth took over and whispered horrible things in my ear. You know things like “This isn’t working girl, take several seats.” and “Aren’t you tired of being sweaty?” That voice is powerful. Combine it with some cardiac health scares for my mom and getting a job and all of that, the gym went out…

July 31, 2018

Sunday Stats – Week 2 – 2018 – Tracking

Ki’s Progress – Week 2 – 2018 – Tracking Goal #1 – Start Tracking (Again) – First of all, I did a fantastic job of tracking everything this week!  Fitbit and MyFitnessPal were both updated on the daily and I logged everything this week, the way I should.  I am super proud of myself for staying on the ball this week and getting it done. My devices are even all…

June 24, 2018

Sunday Stats – Week 1 – 2018 – New Goals

Ki’s Progress – Week 1 – 2018 – New Goals Goal #1 – Start Tracking (Again) – I have not been true to myself on this journey for about a year.  This time last year, I moved.  And in doing so, I got too busy to check in each week and it just slipped off of my radar.  No excuses though, I need to get back on the ball and…

June 17, 2018

Ki’s Sunday Stats – Week 11

Ki’s Progress – Week 11 Goal #1 – 7-Day Average of 3,500 Steps – I did not accomplish my step goal this week.  I started Physical Therapy on Tuesday and have had an increase in pain in my leg.  I also did not sleep well this week which has left me tired and unfocused most days. Now that I know what Physical Therapy will be like on my body, I know…

September 25, 2016