Perfect Fitness Crunch Product Review

Perfect Fitness Crunch The Perfect Fitness Crunch is a piece I affectionately call my torture device. While it is effective to do your crunches with it, as a beginner it’s hard work! My spirit animal is a sloth so when it comes to the set aside time to use this piece there is a ton of whining going on in my house. The hardest part of using this piece of equipment…

August 4, 2016

Exercise With Chronic Pain – Back Strengthening

Should I Exercise With Chronic Pain? You can exercise with chronic pain as long as you know how to do it properly.  If done correctly, it can help eliminate a lot of the pain. Millions of people suffer with chronic pain over the course of their lifetime.  Personally, I suffer with Degenerative Disk Disease in my back which has progressed due to injuring my L5-S1 in the military when I…

July 30, 2016