Motivation Monday – Week 1 Status for Beck

Beck’s August Challenge Check in: Day 1 Stats as Measured by Beck: Bust: 48 inches Waist: 48 Inches Hips: 46 Inches Thigh: 24 Inches Bicept: 14 Inches. Weight: 208.8 Pounds How I’m feeling about those stats: Last week I had a consistent weight of 204.6 pounds which meant that I was just 5.6 pounds off from my first goal of being under 200 pounds. Excited? OH YEAH! And then came…

August 1, 2016

Womens Fitness Challenge – August Steps

Womens Fitness Challenge Womens fitness challenge?  You want to do what now?  Okay…I’ve mentioned before that my spirit animal is a Sloth. I would definitely like to be reincarnated as a sloth that lives in a Zoo. Therefore, I would never have to find food for myself and could hang out sleeping and eating at will. That sounds like a beautiful life to me. Unfortunately, in this life I was…

July 31, 2016