September Fitness Challenge – Sleep!

Our Sleep History Beck and I have been best friends for 25 years.  We spent most nights in our adolescence staying up all night either talking on the phone or spending the night with each other.  We lived on less than 16 hours of a sleep per week most weeks. That was just how we were.  We both wish we knew then what we know now. We can’t change what…

September 4, 2016

August Fitness Challenge – Results

Sloth vs. RoadRunner Wow! What a race! When I first started this challenge, I had no idea that Beck and I would be clocking more than 40,000 steps in a single day! We both earned our Cleats badges with Fitbit for clocking 40,000 steps in a single day.  I am super proud of that! We both had a few days where we got more than 30,000 steps.  This is huge…

September 2, 2016

Womens Fitness Challenge – August Steps

Womens Fitness Challenge Womens fitness challenge?  You want to do what now?  Okay…I’ve mentioned before that my spirit animal is a Sloth. I would definitely like to be reincarnated as a sloth that lives in a Zoo. Therefore, I would never have to find food for myself and could hang out sleeping and eating at will. That sounds like a beautiful life to me. Unfortunately, in this life I was…

July 31, 2016