Sunday Stats – Week Two

My Progress – Week 2

Okay, let’s just pretend that week 1 wasn’t a full two and a half months ago.  Deal?  I have most certainly not done well during this time.  I have basically been yo-yo dieting all this time, which is not good.  But I did well for the full week over the last two weeks, so we’re going to count last week as week 2. So let’s get right to it…

Goal #1 – Diet – I’ve been keeping up with my blood sugar chart lately… in a way.  My goal for the chart is to track my reversal of pre-diabetes.  Based on my charts this year, my pre-diabetes has progressed into full diabetes.  Fasting blood sugar over 126 is full diabetes.  When I started monitoring, my fasting blood sugar was 200.  So while we see it kind of bouncing up and down in the chart, we can see that it has consistently stayed under 160, so it’s coming down.

I decided that I don’t really need to be monitoring my blood sugar before and after every meal and snack.  I’m monitoring to track reversal, so I only need to know what my fasting blood sugar is.  Therefore, from now on, my charts will only show my fasting blood sugar.

The first week on the chart below, you can see that it was consistently coming down.  The second week, not so much, it bounced around a lot.  I’m not sure why except that I know July 2nd was a cheat day to reset because I hit a plateau.  So we’ll check again next week to see if the trend continues bouncing or starts coming down.

Blood Sugar Log - Week 2
Blood Sugar Trend


Goal #2 – Exercise – 30 Min. Cardio/4 days – My exercise goal for the week was to achieve at least 30 minutes of cardio or at least 100 active minutes at least 4 days.  I totally nailed that goal!  There was only one day that I didn’t achieve more than 100 active minutes, which is more than 30 minutes of cardio.

Thursday was a super busy day at work and I just didn’t get many opportunities to get up and get moving, it happens.  I’m not beating myself up for that 1 day because my goal was only 4 days.  I totally killed this goal this week.  Yay me!

Keto - 2021-07-04 - Exercise Goal Chart - Week 1 & 2
I stayed active!


Goal #3 – Diet – Macro Tracking – I’ve done real well with tracking what I eat and keeping track of my macros.  When I’m eating clean, I’m typically pretty good at tracking it.  When I’m cheating, not so much.  I guess I get the “what’s the point?” attitude.  I need to quit doing that.  But this time, in both weeks, I even tracked what I ate on my cheat days.

In this week’s chart, you can see that on Monday in week 1 and on Wednesday in week 2, I had a cheat day.  I ate more carbs and sugar on those days than any other day.  The rest of the week, both weeks, I did really well on the diet and the chart shows it!

Keto - 2021-07-04 - Diet Goal Chart - Week 1 & 2
My Delicious Calories…


Goal #4 – Measurements – I added a goal to take measurements each week.  Today, I measured myself for the first time since April.  I’m not gonna lie, I was a bit nervous to do this because the scale hasn’t been so kind.

I was I was very pleased to find that I have lost inches EVERYWHERE!  I lost half an inch in my neck, 3 inches in my waist, an inch and a half in my hips, 3 inches in my thigh, half an inch in my chest and 2 inches in my arm!  Can you believe that?

I’m so excited about these measurements.  I’ve known that I can’t rely on the scale to gauge my progress.  But I get discouraged when my measurements don’t change much too, so I really hate measuring myself.  But I need to stick to it and watch my progress.  It keeps me motivated when I see such great progress.

2021-07-04 - Sunday Stats - Body Measurements
Losing Inches!


What’s Next?

Overall, I think this was a pretty successful week!  I did a great job of tracking things this week.

I lost some poundage this week as well, I’m down 25 pounds overall.  I’m super excited about that!  That’s big progress on the scale.  I hope to keep the same momentum this coming week.

I also lost some INCHES!  Big progress this week when I thought that I had done really bad over the past few months.  It wasn’t so bad after all.

Who's With Me?
Who’s With Me?

How was your week?  Did you meet your goals this week?  What are you currently trying?

Remember, forget skinny…train to be badass!



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