Sunday Stats – Week 5


Ki’s Progress – Week 5

Goal #1 – 12,000 Steps per day – I KILLED this goal this week!  I owe part of that to the August Fitness Challenge that Beck and I are doing.  I had to build up some steps and try to get a head start on that competition.  I still didn’t get as many steps as I wanted in, but I met my goal and I’m totally happy with that.

Steps Week 5
Steps Week 5

Goal #2 – Diet Log – My diet goal for this week was to decrease my sodium intake.  I was able to decrease it most days this week.  There were a few days I didn’t pay much attention to it though.  My bad.

Diet Week 5
Diet Week 5

Goal #3 – 30 Min. Cardio + Strengthening – My exercise goal was not met this week. I did work out every day this week for at least 30 minutes. Most of that was just walking each day, but I totally skipped the gym 3 times this week.  I made a conscious decision to skip it though.  This week was my first full week back to work after breaking my leg and I found that I was quite fatigued after work each day.

I alternate the following routines at the gym. I started this week with routine #1 and skipped the rest of the days.

I’ve found that arm curls and Overhead Presses seem to be the hardest for me in routine 1. The overhead press is the only one I’m struggling to finish. My trainer wants me doing 4 sets of 12 – 15 on those, this week I did 3 sets of 20 and 1 set of 15 on those which was better than last week.  I got SO close!

Gym Routine #1:

  • 4 sets of 20 Arm Extensions with 20 pound weights
  • 4 sets of 20 Arm Curls with 20 pound weights
  • 3 sets of 20 Overhead Press with 10 pound weights
    • 1 sets of 15 Overhead Press with 10 pound weights
  • 3 sets of 20 Seated Rows with 50 pound weights
    • 1 set of 12 Seated Rows with 50 pound weights

My gym routines are steadily improving as I work my way up to 4 sets of 20 on everything (it’s just easier to remember).  I’m sure it was work and the extra steps that led to my getting lazy about the gym this week. But I forgive me as I move on to this next week.

Exercise Week 5
Exercise Week 5

Goal #4 – 4 bottles of water per day – I met my water goal on Sunday only this week so I failed this goal as well.  I’ll keep trying on this one.

Water Week 5
Water Week 5

What’s Next?

I’m going to go ahead and change my goals this week as I was able to meet about half of them.

Goal #1 – Since I was able to get 12,000 steps each day this week, I’m raising the goal.  I’m going to challenge myself a little more as my leg is cooperating with the extra steps.  My 7-day average was 14,220 steps, so I’m raising my daily goal to 15,000 steps every day but one.  I’m going to give myself 1 day per week to just rest and not worry about steps or exercise.

Goal #2 – I mentioned in previous weeks that I was going to be changing my diet.  This week is the week.  I’ve literally been fueling up with junk food for the past month.  While it’s pretty cool that I’ve still lost weight in doing so, I attribute that solely to the exercise I’ve been getting.  So this coming week I will start preparing healthy meals and do away with the junk food now that there’s very little left in the house.

Goal #3 – My exercise goal for this week is to maintain an active 30 minutes per day by walking and to get back to the gym four times.

Goal #4 – no change.

Who's With Me?
Who’s With Me?

How was your week? Did you meet your goals this week? What are you currently trying?

Remember, forget skinny…train to be a fit badass!


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