Sunday Stats – Week 1 – Repeated

My Progress – Week 1 Repeated

This week, I repeated week 1 of my journey since I failed miserably last week.  If at first we don’t succeed, right?  I did a whole lot better this week, I know that before I even look at my goals. That said, I also know that there is still room for improvement. So let’s get right to it…

Goal #1 – Diet – Since I started fresh this week, my blood sugar chart will serve as my baseline chart to see where I started from.  Since I was recently diagnosed with pre-diabetes (again), the goal is to see the line on the chart headed southward as my numbers get lower.  This would mean that my fasting blood sugar is decreasing which signifies the reversal of the diagnosis.

I did a pretty good job logging my blood sugar levels this week!  I did miss a couple of times, so it wasn’t perfect.  But I had something logged each and every day this week.  Even better than that, I can already see my fasting blood sugar levels coming down.  If you look at the first point on the graph for each day, that’s my fasting blood sugar… and each day is lower than the day before except for 1 day.  That day, I added a new snack to my diet, so now I see how it impacted me.  At least it didn’t go up too much.

2021-04-25 - Sunday Stats - Blood Sugar
Week Ending 4/25/21


Goal #2 – Exercise – 30 Min. Cardio/4 days – My exercise goal for the week was to achieve at least 30 minutes of cardio or at least 100 active minutes at least 4 days.  I totally nailed that goal!  There was only one day that I didn’t achieve more than 100 active minutes, which is more than 30 minutes of cardio.  Wednesday I wasn’t feeling well.  I took half the day off of work and went to bed.  Then I stayed in bed from noon until Thursday.  That might’ve been keto flu.  But at least I did my 30 minutes of cardio before I gave up for the day.  I gotta tell ya… the Rise Higher challenge definitely helped with that.

2021-04-25 - Sunday Stats - Exercise
I stayed active!


Goal #3 – Diet – Macro Tracking – Since I am choosing to live a Keto lifestyle, I need to track my macros each day to ensure that I’m staying within my calorie budget and meeting my goals on the various macros.  I did a real good job this week with tracking everything I ate.

In this week’s chart, you can see that on Monday, I had a cheat day.  I ate more carbs and sugar on Monday than any other day.  I believe that led to me getting keto flu on Wednesday and not feeling well.  At least it was only 24 hours and I was still able to resist the urge to cheat while I wasn’t feeling well.  The rest of the week, I did really well on the diet and the chart shows it!

2021-04-25 - Sunday Stats - Diet
My Delicious Calories…


Goal #4 – Measurements – I’m adding a goal this week to take measurements each week.  Today, I measured myself for the first time in a little over a month.  I was quite pleased to find that I’ve lost a few inches in addition to my success on the scale!  I’d like to see my progress each week going forward.

2021-04-25 - Sunday Stats - Body Measurements


What’s Next?

Overall, I think this was a pretty successful week!  I did a good job of tracking everything this week with only a couple misses on my blood sugar readings.  But I’ll get better at it.  I lost good poundage this week as well, I’m down 12.3 pounds since this time last week.  I’m super excited about that!  That’s big progress on the scale.  I hope to keep the same momentum this coming week.

Who's With Me?
Who’s With Me?

How was your week?  Did you meet your goals this week?  What are you currently trying?

Remember, forget skinny…train to be badass!



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