Sunday Stats – Post Pandemic – Week 4

My Progress – Week 4

I’ll just get right to the point, this week was just as bad as last week was.  I mean, I had a better week, it wasn’t the rollercoaster that was the week before.  But I did not get back on track with my diet or my healthy habits.  I will try again this week!

Goal #1 – Diet – I have not tracked my blood sugar at all since the 4th.  So this week’s goal is to start tracking again and get back to clean eating.  Today I’m finishing off the last of my non-clean snacks so that I can get back on my diet tomorrow.

Blood Sugar Log - Week 2
Blood Sugar Trend


Goal #2 – Exercise – 30 Min. Cardio/4 days – My exercise goal for the week was to achieve at least 30 minutes of cardio or at least 100 active minutes at least 4 days.  I didn’t achieve this one at all.

I was pretty lazy all week.  No regrets!  I achieved 74 active minutes one day this week.  The other days… eh.  I’ll do better next week.


Goal #3 – Diet – Macro Tracking – I’ve usually done pretty well tracking what I eat.  But when I’m cheating, I tend to stop tracking.

I did not focus like I said I would.  Let’s try this again.  This week I will focus on tracking and getting back onto my diet.

Keto - 2021-07-11 - Diet Goal Chart - Week 3


Goal #4 – Measurements – I added a goal to take measurements each week.  Today, I’m not going to measure myself.  I know that my diet was poor this week, I didn’t even take my weight this week.

No measurements this week either.  I will take them next week when I’m back on the right track again.

2021-07-04 - Sunday Stats - Body Measurements
Losing Inches!


What’s Next?

My stress level hasn’t really gone down any.  It’s going to be another stressful week or so.  But I need to suck it up and get myself in gear.  I’m letting the stress beat me and that’s not what badasses do.

Who's With Me?
Who’s With Me?

How was your week?  Did you meet your goals this week?  What are you currently trying?

Remember, forget skinny…train to be badass!



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