Sunday Stats – Ki – Week 4 – October Fitness Challenge

October Challenge – 2018 – Week 4

Not much to say this week.  Killer Cardio was not in the cards for me this month.  The weather changed this week and the temperature dropped by 40 degrees or so which naturally causes problems for those that suffer from arthritis.  Add an unmanaged back injury to that and I’ve been bed ridden and cane bound since Thursday.  It’s ridiculous.

10-28-2018 – October Fitness Challenge

I had already lost so it didn’t really matter.  I had hoped to continue on through the rest of the month but at this point I’m throwing in the towel.  October wins.  I’m not going to work out or be overly active again until I see the doctor on November 14th.  He and I will discuss what I should be doing because I’ve always heard not to exercise in pain but if that’s really the case, almost never is the only time I can exercise.  Not good.

So, I’m out.  Excuse or not, when my back screams, I listen.  I can’t get out of bed without tears right now, so being active enough to trigger the Fitbit isn’t going to happen and I’m not going to push it.

Talk soon,


a.k.a. Roadrunner


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