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November Challenge – 2018 – Ki

November Challenge Logs – Week 2

I most definitely did not earn an A this week!

To be quite honest, I did a really bad job tracking anything at all this week.   I think the first couple days of the week started off okay and then Thursday or Friday I tried to backfill what I could remember but I’m not positive I was entirely accurate.

That’s not good, Ki.  I know.  It was a very busy week and I was very unmotivated for reasons I’ll explain further down in this post.

One of the issues was that I didn’t maintain my daily journal like I had been doing for the first two weeks.  Why I didn’t do this…I don’t know.  I guess Sunday I was being super lazy and then Monday was super busy at work and things just fell apart from there.

Just a reminder for you, using a habit tracker each month totally helps with meeting your goals because, if you’re anything like me, you consider the check mark an accomplishment so you start working for check marks.

2018 Habit Tracker

So, if you’d like a copy of your own goal / habit tracker sheet, check out our Worksheets page to see what all we have available for you or click the download link to purchase and download your copy of my new habit tracker.


My Goals

Self Care

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My self care goals were pretty simple: get up and weigh myself, brush my teeth, take my meds, eat enough, easy on the salt intake, log consumption, and brush my teeth again before bed.

I think I had a decent week with this category but not as good as previous weeks.  I did not stay under the 2,300 mg of sodium I was supposed to stay under on several days this week.  I checked my lab results on Tuesday and found out that I’m now pre-diabetic.  Honestly, that bummed me out quite a bit and I resorted to comfort foods this week.

I got my labs done on Monday, 11/5, so that point wasn’t available for this week.  That’s how I found out about the pre-diabetes.  My doctor’s appointment was scheduled for Wednesday, 11/14.  Unfortunately, I showed up and they cancelled because the doctor was having issues.  So I didn’t earn that point but the appointment is rescheduled for the 27th.  So there’s still time for me to earn that point this month.

I could’ve earned a point each for brushing my teeth all 7 days twice which makes 14 points available for that goal for the week. And then there was a point available, per day, for consuming 1,000 or more calories, staying under 2,300 mg of sodium, taking my meds, weighing myself, and logging my consumption. So for those 5 goals times 7 days, we get 35 points available to add to the 14 for brushing my teeth and the 2 for healthcare stuff.

For the entire 7 days of this week, I had a grand total of 50 possible points for the Self Care goal. But I only earned 39 points for this week. That’s an 78%, not as good as last week. I got a C, so let’s break it down and take a look at what I accomplished.


I weighed 249.8, I’m almost positive my weight was heavily influenced by my cycle this week.  So I’m not going to attribute any of it to food…but…I know that I didn’t eat healthy this week either, just being honest with myself.  Moving on.  I consumed at least 1,000 calories but did not stay under 2,300mg of sodium.  I took my meds and logged food consumption.  So I earned 4 points.

11 – 11 -2018 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 246.9.  I brushed my teeth and took my meds after breakfast.  I consumed more than 1,000 calories and less than 2,300mg of Sodium.  I logged everything I consumed and I brushed my teeth after dinner.  I earned 7 points!

11 – 12 -2018 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 252 pounds.  I brushed my teeth and took my meds after breakfast.  I consumed more than 1,000 calories and less than 2,300mg of Sodium.  I logged everything I consumed and earned 6 points.

11 – 13 -18 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 252.3 pounds. I took my meds and brushed my teeth after breakfast. I have no idea what I consumed because I forgot to log my consumption. Therefore, I’m not giving myself a point for consuming 1,000 calories or less than 2,300mg of sodium because I don’t know those to be true.  I did go to the doctor’s office but I didn’t see the doctor so I’m not taking the point for that this time.  So, I earned 3 points in this category.

11 – 14 -18 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 253.2 pounds. I brushed my teeth and took my meds after breakfast.  I consumed more than 1,000 but not less than 2,300mg of sodium.  I logged my consumption which leaves me with 5 points for this category.

11 – 15 -18 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 251.9 pounds and am happy to see it going back down, if only by a little bitty bit. I brushed my teeth and took my meds. I consumed more than 1,000 calories but didn’t keep my sodium under the 2,300 mg. I obviously logged everything which earned 5 points.

11 – 16 -18 – MyFitnessPal Stats


I weighed 248.7, getting back to normal now.  I brushed my teeth and took my meds after waking up. I consumed more than 1,000 calories and stayed under 2,300 mg of sodium.  After logging everything, I earned 6 points.

11 – 17 -18 – MyFitnessPal Stats


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Household Chores

I did good on household chores. I’ve had a set schedule with chores for maybe six months or so and have pretty well gotten into a routine. Some weeks I do really well, other weeks I skip them completely. Of course, the goal is to not skip them at all.  This week, I pretty much saved them all until the end of the week because the beginning of the week was busy.

So, for household chores, my goal is to do the dishes twice per week which means I could earn two points for that. I have 8 other chores with the goal of accomplishing them once per week so that’s another 8 points available which means I could’ve earned up to 10 points in this category for this week.

Like last week, I earned 9 points for this category. That’s a 90%, very good. So let’s break it down and take a look at what I accomplished.


I did not do any chores because…it’s Sunday and I don’t hafta. So there.


I did not do any chores.


I washed the dishes and earned 1 point.


I did the laundry and took the recycling out. Yay, two points!


I washed the dishes, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the office, cleaned my son’s bathroom, cleaned the dining room, and cleaned the floors.  I earned 6 points.


I did not do any chores.


I did not do any chores.




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Family Love

For my Family goals, I had two goals to happen twice each during the month. That was family outings and family visits. So, if I did both during this week, I could’ve earned 4 points there.

I had two goals that I wanted to accomplish once per week. That was train a new command with my dog and give him a bath. So that would be two points possible here.

I had one goal, to grade papers, 5 times per week which would be 5 possible points, but my son did not go to school all 5 days this week.  He only went two days.  So there were only 2 points possible for that goal this week. Finally, I had a goal to converse with my son daily. So that would be 7 possible points, one for each day of the week.

For this category, I had a grand total of 15 possible points for the Family category. I earned 11 for this week. That’s a 73%.  That’s not quite as well as last week, I went from a B back down to a C. So let’s break it down and take a look at what I accomplished.


My son and I talked about a bunch of different things on Sunday.  We have a lot more conversation on the weekends since I’m not working. This was worth 1 point.


My son and I talked about the lab results and what that means for our meal planning. I also graded papers.  This earned me 2 points.


My son and I talked about a game that he wanted which costed $20.  We talked about things he could do to earn that money.  This was worth a point.


My son and I talked about my parents trip from Puerto Rico to Florida as they were leaving at 2:30am the next morning and planned to stop by and visit us upon arrival.  We also bathed the dogs since it didn’t happen during the weekend, we got lazy. So, I earned 2 points in this category.


My son and I talked about a meeting I was in and how I was going to get out of presenting so that my parent’s arrival wouldn’t disrupt my presentation and the meeting.  We talked about what I needed him to do to help me out with keeping my parent’s visit from interfering with my job.  I earned a point here.  I also earned a point for the visit with my parent’s.  While it was a real quick visit while I was working, it was still a point.  So I earned 2 points total.


My son and I talked about Thanksgiving and what we were going to make.  We went grocery shopping after work and so we planned the grocery list together.  While shopping, we talked about how certain ingredients like bread crumbs weren’t where you would expect them to be (with the bread).  One more point here.


Saturday my son stood in the kitchen while I was making a carrot cake for my parent’s welcome home.  We talked about my secret ingredient, why I use it, what it does, and how it’s made.  Earned a point here.



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Social Butterfly

Interestingly, I may be a little more social than I thought. Or at least I am this month.

I had only set two goals on this one, both to be accomplished once during the entire month.

I don’t really go out with friends like a lot of people do. Beck and I get together maybe once a year and do something. Other than that, I pretty much keep to myself. I don’t like traffic, I don’t like drama, and my patience for stupidity is very low so I keep myself pretty much in isolation so my stress levels stay low.

So there were two points available to earn here this week, 1 for time with Beck and 1 for adult time.

I did not earn any points in the Social category this week.  Maybe last weekend had me all gassed out in the talking to other people arena, I don’t know.  My parent’s were only at my house for 5 minutes though so I’m not counting that as adult time or social in nature.  They really just needed something.


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I only had four goals in this category. With it being hobbies, it’s something that we do when we have time and we feel like it. The universe has to be just right in order for these hobby things to actually happen.

Each of those goals was to be earned at least one time during the month because…yeah…stars have to align and stuff.

So there were only four points possible in this category for this week and that’s only if I managed to complete all four goals in just one week.

I did not do anything hobby related this week.



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I learned some bad news this week. After I got my labs done at the beginning of the week, I logged into my health account and reviewed the labs online to see what they tested and how I did because…I didn’t study, y’all.

Everything looked good except for my glucose level. My glucose was at 116 which means I’m pre-diabetic. That’s the bad news. I’ve known this was coming for a long time because I’ve been high risk all of my life so I knew with the weight problems that I would face this at some point. That point has arrived.

So now I’m determined to beat it. I have to get on the ball and create this healthy habit of exercising regularly along with making the appropriate diet changes.

The only goal I set for this category was to achieve 30 active minutes per day as a consequence of losing the October Killer Cardio Challenge.

For this category, I had a grand total of 7 possible points for the Exercise category. I earned 7 for this week. That’s a 100%, fantastic!

11-18-2018 – Active Minutes



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This category is a big one and contains the most goals. I have a lot that I want to do in this category each week. One of the goals was a once during the month goal which I completed in the first week. That was the gamification presentation. So that point is not available to be earned anymore this month.

I had two goals that I wanted to complete 5 times per week, access requests and work inbox. So there were 10 points available here.

One goal, TMDC Email was set to accomplish 4 times per week which would have been 4 points possible. FS Email made 3 points possible by accomplishing it 3 times per week and FS Post would have given 2 points if accomplished twice per week.

Personal email was to be accomplished daily which would have made 7 points possible for this goal. All of the other 7 goals were to be accomplished once per week, making 7 more points possible.

So for this category, I had a grand total of 31 possible points for the Work category.

I earned 19 for this week. That’s a 61%, eeeek! That is not a passing grade. I need to do better on this one.

So let’s break it down and take a look at what I accomplished.


Posted my Sunday Stats for the week and cleared out my personal email.  This earned me 2 points.


I cleared out both my work and personal inboxes. I worked the access requests and completed the F Report. I also wrote and published my Monday Motivation post. All of these earned 5 points!


I cleared out both my work and personal inboxes first thing upon logging in. I worked the access requests in queue and I ran and communicated the PR Report for the week. This earned me 4 points.


I cleared out my work inbox first thing in the morning again. I ran and communicated the U Report for the week. I worked the Access Requests. I completed the CU Status task. So, I earned 4 points for the day in this category.


I cleared out my work inbox first thing in the morning. I worked the Access Requests and then I was working on finishing up a few tasks.  So I only earned 2 points here.


I cleared out my work inbox and worked the access requests.  That’s about it.  I earned 2 points.


I did not do anything work related on Saturday.


So what’s my overall grade for the week? Well, there were 113 points possible this week. I earned only 85 points for the week. That is 75% which is back down to a C grade. I lost my 10%! I am totally not happy with this score this week.  I want an A but first I need to bring it back up to a B.

Let’s see how I do this coming week.

Remember, forget skinny…train to be a fit badass!


a.k.a. Roadrunner

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