Sunday Stats – Ki – Week 3 – January Fitness Challenge

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Arm Challenge Weights

I’m loving that we’re just focusing on the arms this month so we can give our legs a rest, they need it. I’m still getting some squats in during my cardio work out…but nowhere near 250 of them!

I said I may still throw in some additional activities on top of the challenges this month, just to continue toning and strengthening. But, that hasn’t happened.

My only other exercise goal for this month is to achieve 10,000 steps each and every day. I can do it, I got this. There’s money on the line. I will make it happen.

This week, I’m also on the Keto Diet again.


January Challenge – 2019 – Week 3

I’m still using my tracking sheet and watch the proper form video each time a new task is added. So far, I’ve only had to modify the bicep curls.

Day 13 – Sunday

Sunday I was super focused on website stuff.  On breaks from that, I got up and took steps.  I’m struggling with steps lately because it has gotten boring to march in place to the FitRadio app.  The Country Heat workout I do is fun but it takes so much out of me that I’m losing motivation for that too.  it’s getting harder and harder to get my steps.  I got the 30 minutes of cardio in but I fell short on my steps for the day.  I completed the challenge tasks as well.

Steps: 7,677

Day 14 – Monday

So, I got up and got back on the scale for the first time in a few weeks.  I took a couple of weeks to prepare myself to start the Keto Diet again.  Today is the first official day.  I’ve been sorta Keto (low carb) for a few weeks but Keto is very strict and I wasn’t completely there.  Despite that, I weighed 241.5 pounds this morning, that’s eight and a half pounds lighter than where I started.  I’ll take it!  The scale actually motivated me today.  I got up and got the steps and challenge tasks done.  I also did the Country Heat workout in the evening, though it’s getting old.  I’m officially in Ketosis today and I feel okay except very, very tired.  I may go to bed early tonight.

Steps: 10,054


Day 15 – Tuesday

Day 2 of Keto, the scale is telling me 239.9 pounds.  This is the first time I’ve been under 240 pounds in several months, maybe even a year.  I’m super motivated now.  That said, I’m super tired.  I do believe I am experiencing the Keto flu.  That is normal for the first week or two of Keto.  I will push through it.  My scale is telling me this is going to work.  Country Heat got way too old.  I found a new workout video today and I’m going to try it for awhile.  I accomplished my 10,000 steps by 3pm and did my challenge tasks after work.

Steps: 13,369


Day 16 – Wednesday

2019-01-20 - Weight

Day 3 of Keto…sorta.  Today is my son’s birthday and he requested pizza.  We’ll see how this works out, I’m hoping it doesn’t completely kick me out of Ketosis but I’m expecting to gain a pound or two back.  If I do…that’s okay.  I started the day feeling fantastic at 235.9 pounds!  So I lost 4 pounds in 24 hours.  I’m loving that.

Keto flu seems to be gone.  Aside from the annoying monthly friend visit…two weeks early… I feel great.  Even though the monthly visit is early, it’s not as crampy and it’s not killing my back like usual.  That’s new and awesome.  I hope that continues.

I wasn’t active every hour like I was yesterday, but the hours I was able to get up and move…I did more.  So it was still a very active day.  I got my challenge tasks done during one of my walks on a break from work.  I was not sleepy until bed time.  It was a great day.

Steps: 14,283


Day 17 – Thursday

Great news…I’m still in Ketosis.  And as expected, I gained a pound or two back.  I started the day weighing 236.8 and that’s okay.  I expected the pizza would be detrimental but my son’s birthday is a special day so I forgive me.  Trust me, I will work that pound back off in no time.  My goal is to be under 235 tomorrow, we’ll see.  Today was meeting day…I hate meeting days, they always seem way busier than normal days.  On the plus side, the meetings allowed me to get all of the days steps in before lunch.  I also completed the challenge tasks early in the day while listening to people babble.

Steps: 15,086


Day 18 – Friday

It was an off Friday this week so I didn’t have to work.   My son and I went out for breakfast and then came home and started on his driving course.  He turned 15 this week so he’s working on getting his Learner’s permit so he can start learning how to drive.  Step 1 is to take this course, so he finished the first half of it.  Then we went grocery shopping.  After getting all of the groceries put away, I took a short break and then got to work on my challenge tasks and workouts.

Steps: 14,848


Day 19 – Saturday

We went to the Brooksville Raid Re-Enactment and had a good time watching them re-enact the Civil War battle that took place in our city, as they do every year.  Before we left for that, we spent a few hours doing household chores since I skipped them all week.  I managed to get a mile or two of walking in before we left as well.  After the event, we came home and I started dinner.  Walked a few more miles while dinner was cooking and then alternated meal prepping and walking.

Steps: 19,663


End of week measurements:

2019-1-20 - Personal Stats


I can see my bicep getting more and more toned.  My triceps still need work though. I still have a bit of jiggly goin on down there.

  • Bicep: 14″
  • Average Step Count: 13,569
  • Weight: 234.4

I’m totally happy with my steps this week.  I’ve abandoned the Country Heat 30 minute cardio workout for a few reasons.  One is the price.  Beachbody charges just under $50 per quarter to have access to all of their workout programs on demand.  This is bit expensive for my kind of workouts.  They do a lot of advanced stuff that I can’t do because of my medical issues…which is the second reason.  I need something more basic that doesn’t take as much out of me in one workout and is easy enough that I can do it without risking further injury to myself.  So, I’ve found an easier workout which is essentially just walking.

For my weight, I did real well with the Keto Diet this week.  There were two days where I cheated a bit, my son’s birthday and Saturday when I went out to lunch with my parents.  I don’t regret those cheat days as they won’t be regular occurrences and I’ll be able to make up for them fairly quickly.  I forgive me.  My weight is great, I’ve lost a grand total of 16 pounds so far this month.  That’s pretty darn good.

Progress on My Goals

Personal goals

My personal goals this week were to achieve 10,000 steps per day and a 30 minute cardio work out each day. But I did not achieve my personal goals again this week. I did my regular Country Heat workout on Sunday and I was wiped out and came a bit short of my step goal.  Monday, I barely made it.  Tuesday, I decided it was time for a change and I knocked it out of the park the rest of the week.  I’m totally good with 136%.  I think it’s about time to raise my step goal again.

2019-01-20 - Personal Goals



Going forward, my personal goals are going up just a little. I want to work out each and every day and I want to achieve 15,000 steps every single day.

Challenge goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock Photo

Each challenge task is worth one point upon completion.

The first week of tasks only included 15 items to complete and therefore was worth 15 points plus 2 points for the bicep measurement and the stats post. I earned 17 points week 1.  I earned 49 points for week 2.

This week, there were 30 tasks to complete. I completed them all.

Measuring my bicep each week is worth 1 point.

Posting my stats on time (by 6pm Sunday) is also worth 1 point.

Therefore, this week there are 32 points available.

Points Earned: 32

Total Challenge Points: 81


I’m totally happy with my progress this week.  YAY!

So, how did you do? Are you following a long? Let us know how your week went in the comments section at the bottom of this page. We’re here to support you on your journey too!

For now, take care and hug your loved ones!



P.S. If you’d like my free weight loss progress chart (shown here) to use for yourself, just submit your name and email in the box at the upper right hand side of this page and it’ll take you to your own free copy.

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  1. Wow that is some serious dedication and accountability!!

    I made a new year resolution to get in the best shape ever – I signed up for a gym, I go every lunch time, swimming, weights, stretching, you name it. And I get some personal training advice to learn the ropes. 

    This is the first time in my life I have ever been to a gym!!!

    Anyhow – thanks for your inspiring blog sharing your progress too!

  2. Some good progress there! It’s always hard to start off with, but once you get going- like two weeks in, it is much easier to keep up with the new healthy habit. I did my personal training certification years ago, so I go to the gym and do my own program, consisting of cardio and strength training. I felt I got the most results with that combination, including I changed to a balanced vegan diet that helped me to drop a few extra kilos and feeling great 🙂 

    1. Thanks for the support and feedback, Cheriri!  I also do a combination of cardio and strength training using hand weights and resistance bands.  So far, so good!  I’m down 15 pounds!

  3. Hi Ki – thanks for sharing this inspirational article. I started my keto diet on January 8. I deliberately waited until a week into the new year, that way it didn’t seem as though it was a new year’s resolution that I never stick to! I didn’t realise there was such a thing as keto flu – I thought it was just me struggling to get used to this way of eating. I have lost eight pounds so far which is OK, but I really need to up my water intake and my activity level. Your step count is very encouraging and I wish you luck in reaching 15000 every day. All the best, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thanks for the feedback!  It sounds like we’re on a very similar journey at the moment.  It does take some getting used to starting the Keto Diet, that’s for sure.  The Keto flu seemed to only last 48 hours for me and then I was back to normal.  8 pounds is great!! Good job!!!  Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Ki,

    First I want to congratulate you on the weight loss you have achieved in the last week, following the Keto diet. I also find it very opportune to work your arms more, letting your legs rest. I also observe that you take the steps you take on your walks, you have everything measured, always establishing objectives to be met. In my case I also do exercises every week, little by little I get to my ideal weight. The objectives are to fulfill them when we do a deep joy invades us. Thanks for sharing your experience. Regards!Claudio

    1. Hi Claudio,

      Thanks for the support and feedback!  Yes, baby steps, right?   I find that by focusing on the smaller objectives, I don’t get overwhelmed with the whole “I need to lose HOW much again??”  It keeps it manageable and allows me to work towards accomplishing something every week.

  5. Way to go, Ki! Your article is really interesting and encouraging for persons who aim for success especially in losing weight. With proper focus and determination, one can aim much higher and get better results on a daily basis, as what you experienced. Goals press us to accomplish what we intended to do. Thanks a lot.

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