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December Challenge – Baseline

30 Day Guns, Buns, & Ab Challenge Tracker

December is here and we are focusing on the exercise aspect of fitness this month.  We’re targeting our arms, abs, and butts with the 30 Day Guns, Buns, & Abs Challenge.

To track our progress each day, I’ve created this 30 Day Guns, Buns, & Abs Challenge Worksheet so that we can simply check off each box as we complete the activity!  Click on the link above to grab your own.

Baseline Measurements:

As required by the rules, here are my baseline measurements before this challenge started:

  • Bicep: 12.5″
  • Chest: 51.5″
  • Upper Abs: 48″
  • Lower Abs: 54″
  • Hips: 52″
  • Thigh: 26.5″
  • Weight: 246.2


My Progress

Challenge Week 1

I used my Challenge Tracker page to help me track what I was able to complete each day.  But I also kept a daily journal because I think it’s important to note how I’m feeling each day.

Sometimes on this journey, we see progress in the form of our workouts being easier or our stamina lasting longer as opposed to inches or pounds lost.  Because of that, I think it’s important to keep a journal of how you’re feeling when you work out.

Sunday – Day 1  

As a warmup, completed 30 minutes of Rockin’ Body – Rock It Out. This is a 45 minute routine that I was unable to finish due to pain. After that, I did the squats, wall push ups, and standing leg lifts.

Special things to note: I woke up with a knot between my shoulder blades which made it painful to turn my shoulders, move my right arm, or take a deep breath. I did some stretches to try and release that knot. Stretches did not work.   Bought the WAHL Therapeutic Hot/Cold Massager which finally worked the knot into release by the evening.

Monday – Day 2

Thunder Thighs are a wee bit sore. I can most definitely feel the burn from yesterday’s squats. Completely forgot to do the challenge until after I went to bed. Got up at 10:30pm and completed the challenge tasks. Did 55 squats, 8 wall push ups, 30 rear standing leg lifts on each side and 30 side standing leg lifts on each side. I did 8 push ups because I didn’t have my challenge page in my bedroom and I forgot how many we were supposed to do. So I did 8 to be safe and make sure I met the challenge.

Special things to note: The knot is still gone, but my shoulder was a bit sore, probably from all of the stretching. Also, pain meds arrived in the mail. Meloxicam for the RA, and the doctor prescribed a new one. Capsaicin Cream for the injured foot.

Tuesday – Day 3  

Copyright: marchie / 123RF Stock Photo
Every single one!

Decided I should do my challenge tasks before work so I don’t forget again. It was hard! My thighs, hips, butt, and lower back were sore. But I put on my music from FitRadio and pushed through it. I found that music helps take my mind off the pain and stiffness during the workout. Put Capsaicin cream on my ankle and shoulder after the workout. I did regular squats, wall push ups, and standing leg lifts to the rear and sides.

Special things to note: The knot may be coming back, but not as bad as Sunday. The shoulder is sore and stiff and I can pinpoint where the knot was but it’s not making it hard to breathe as it was on Sunday.

Wednesday – Day 4  

YAY! Squat REST day!!! SO happy about that! I woke up without pain. Immediately completed regular leg lifts in bed. Got up, got dressed, packed up all of the carb heavy groceries in my pantry to give to my parents, cleaned the kitchen, did my wall push ups. Completed standing leg lifts to the sides and standing leg lifts to the rear. Logged into work.

Special things to note: The knot seems to be completely released and relaxed.

Thursday – Day 5  

I woke up without pain again, I’m really liking this! Immediately completed regular leg lifts in bed. Got up and got a drink, let the dogs out, got dressed, brushed my teeth, and did my wall push ups. Logged into my personal computer and cleared out my email inbox. Completed standing leg lifts to the sides and standing leg lifts to the rear. Woke up and fed my fishies. Completed the squats…ouchie, the burn!

Friday – Day 6

Upon waking, completed regular leg lifts in bed. Got up and got a drink, let the dogs out, did my wall push ups, did 2 sets of 25 squats. My back started acting up during the second set. Sat down and cleared out my personal inbox. Did the last set of 25 squats. Did not do side or rear standing leg lifts today. It was a busy day and I came home exhausted and forgot that they still needed to be done. But since I did the regular leg lifts in bed, I still accomplished each task of the challenge day.

Saturday – Day 7

I did not do regular leg lifts in bed today. The doggies woke me up wanting out right away so there was no time. Yesterday was grocery shopping day which means today is batch cooking and meal prepping day. Completed my too many squats while watching our new favorite YouTuber – Highfalutin’ Low Carb. The particular video I was watching was long enough to also complete my side and rear standing leg lifts.


New Measurements

  • Bicep: 12.5″
  • Chest: 49″
  • Upper Abs: 47″
  • Lower Abs: 55.5″
  • Hips: 50.5″
  • Thigh: 25″
  • Weight: 249.4


Challenge Success

Challenge Winner – Journal

For this challenge, we’re going to do something a little bit different for our reward.  I want to really motivate us to get out there and kill these goals!

So for this challenge, I’m introducing Forget Skinny gear into the mix!  The winner of this challenge will win a Forget Skinny Challenge Winner spiral notebook for all of their journaling needs!

The challenge winner will be determined by the person who has accumulated the most points.

Now, since this is a points based system, there is the possibility of a tie.  In the event of a tie, we each reward ourselves with the selected prize gear.

Otherwise, the person that does not win the challenge will purchase the selected gear for the winner of the challenge.

Points Earned

  • Challenge tasks: 3 per day x 7 days = 21 points
  • Measurements: 1 point each for the three required = 3 points
  • Sunday Stats Post: 1 point earned for posting on time = 1 point
  • Total Earned: 25 points


So, how did you do?  Are you following a long?  Let us know how your week went in the comments section at the bottom of this page.  We’re here to support you on your journey too!


For now, take care and hug your loved ones!



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  1. Wow, looks like you’re doing a great job and continually making progress here! I had such a hard time getting to the gym on Tuesday morning because I was out late for a work even with some colleagues. I almost skipped out, but then my second alarm went off and I drug myself out of bed to walk the 10 minutes in the cold Chicago weather.

    Once I was there I remembered what I’m going for and knocked out the challenge! We have to go for at least two weeks to set the habit of getting to the gym every morning. At this point I’m 9 days into December, only a few more to go! Keep it up!

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