Sunday Stats- Beck- Week 4 – Ocotober Fitness Challenge

October Challenge – 2018 – Week 4

I’m done with this challenge. For me there wasn’t any thought to it. Just living my life pretty much got the 30 minutes a day. I didn’t actually have to work at it. My attitude kind of shows it. I’m feeling pretty cocky… brush my shoulder off.

Let’s get real here though, I work on my feet. It’s hard for me not to have 30 minutes of activity on work days. For me this challenge put my Sloth in full on lazy mode. I didn’t have to do anything to accomplish the goal. That’s not good for me. My lazy is on point on it’s own it doesn’t need any help.

For me I have to be a drill sergeant type life coach for my Sloth not to yawn and just roll over. That’s why I’m going to start next months challenge Monday morning and call it practice days to get on a roll with things.

My final little do dad here…

10-28-2018 – October Fitness Challenge

Gee, I wonder which days I worked 10 hours. I bet you can tell just by looking at the green lines.

I’m glad we did this challenge. Mainly because I missed being challenged by the road runner. Hanging virtually out with my girl and challenging each other to be the best we can be is an amazing thing.

Until the next time, be nice to yourself and others,



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