Sunday Stats – Beck – Week 4 – January Fitness Challenge

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Arm Challenge Weights

1. Weight: I want to be at 190 pounds by the end of this month.


2. Get my three workout spaces in a usable order.


3. I need to track my calories and carb intake.


4. Figure out my schedule.


5. From week one to week four want to increase my steps per day by a 1,000.



January Challenge – 2019 – Week 4

Week 4Day 20 – Sunday

I slept in today. Got up at 7 and then did my normal things. The challenge and walking the dogs. Headed out thrift shopping for my trip coming up. Came home and did not much else.

Steps: 20,403


Day 21 – Monday

Of course I got up at 4:30 am. Did the challenge. Walked my dogs. Took my kid to school and  then went to work early. Got off work late. Came home. Didn’t do much after that. I was falling asleep at my desk when I got home. I’m physically tired.

Steps: 18,758


Day 22 – Tuesday

6am work time means I got up did the challenge and walked the dogs. Went to work and low and behold… it was 5:30 before I left work. I’m getting a little tired of early start and late leaves. But what can you do? At least I’m employed.

Steps: 17,695


Day 23 – Wednesday

I didn’t have to work until 7 today. That was amazing! I got my challenge done, walked the floofs and then sat down! It was awesome. Then I went to work and my off time of  4 came and went… it was 5:30 by the time I went home. Great! Thanks.



Day 24 – Thursday

Short day today! Yay! 6 to 10am was the scheduled shift. Of course it didn’t work out that way. I was there until 11:30. Figures but I got home in plenty of time to pick up my kid, go to the store for toilet paper and get her to her doctor’s appointment on time. I got home and there was Ki. I literally just pulled up to drop my kid off at home when she pulled up to say hi while she was in town. Great! Visited for a few and then it was walk the dogs and get to my mom’s before dark. I did my thing and came home. I stayed up to late. I don’t know why? I was really tired but I did anyway.

Steps: 13,465


Workweek HustleDay 25 – Friday

I stayed up way late last night and did not wake up until 5:30 this morning. That left me about 20 minutes to throw clothes on smear a bit of make up on and rush to work. It was supposed to be a 4 hour day. I clean my sister’s house on Friday’s and do some running for my mom. I don’t like to be exhausted when I do that. But it turned into a 5 1/2 hour day. Good for the paycheck not so great for the sanity. It’s cool. A vacation is coming. I was falling asleep at my desk tonight so I believe I went to bed a little after 9.. maybe it was 10? I’m not sure. All I know was it was early.

Steps: 11,370


Day 26 – Saturday

I got up by 7 today. Did the challenge. Walked the dogs went to run my mom’s errands for her. She hurt her hip. Ate too much Chick fil a. Came home and yeah.  Do you see the decline in steps this week? Yeah. I’m feeling just kind of burned out. I don’t know if it is the work schedule or if I’m just sick of the daily grind of get up and move. Maybe I’m staying up to late. That’s a huge possibility!

Steps: 8,579


End of week measurements:

  • Bicep: 13 Inches
  • Chest:  44 Inches
  • Upper Abs: 42 Inches
  • Lower Abs:  43 Inches
  • Thigh:  22 Inches
  • Hips:  43 Inches
  • Weight: 192.6

So I’ve gained weight. Not really surprised there. Binge eating at night coupled with the fact that mother nature doesn’t like me this week. Mmm, I’ll take a 1.2 pound gain. It’s cool. I need to get motivated. Does anyone know where I sat that down?

Progress on My Goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock PhotoPersonal goals

This month is practically over. I didn’t really work on my personal goals. In fact I’ve had an issue with binge eating at night. I’m not really sure where or why this behavior has popped up. I’m assuming it has something to do with stress or maybe my will power to say no to the snack just isn’t there. Either way I need to get motivated towards goals. I’m really just feeling like cuddling with my inner sloth and having a nap instead.

Challenge goals

Each challenge task is worth one point upon completion.

The first week of tasks only included 15 items to complete and therefore was worth 15 points plus 2 points for the bicep measurement and the stats post. I earned 17 points week 1 and 32 points week 2 for a total of 49 points.  Week 3 was work 32 points bring the total to 81 points so far.

This week, there were 30 tasks to complete. I completed them all.

Measuring my bicep each week is worth 1 point.

Posting my stats on time (by 6pm Sunday) is also worth 1 point.

Therefore, this week there are 32 points available.

Points Earned: 32

Total Challenge Points: 113


There we go, that’s my week. Have a greatly productive week!

Be kind to yourself and others,


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