Sunday Stats – Beck – Week 2 – October Fitness Challenge

October Challenge – 2018 – Week 2

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Week 2 Goes Down in Flames

This week has been a total bummer. Last week I got to post about the cruise and it was just fun.

This week is just full of a flaming poo bags. It wasn’t fun at all!

Work.. isn’t fun.

My mom had dental surgery, I ended up needing to spend a couple nights at the parental units house.

Umm.. there are days where I would rather eat broken glass than do that. The step thing doesn’t sleep at night. I’m too old to be sleeping on a couch.

That being said let’s move on. It was just a blah week. There isn’t much to say about it.

My sister went to the gym with me on Saturday. She did well. I’m looking forward to our fungus covered Sloth selves heading back up to the gym Wednesday. We’ll see how that works.

So what did I do?

Week 2 – Success!

All green! Some days way more green than others but hey! Whatever.. onto the next week!

Until next time, take care of yourself and others,



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