Sunday Stats – Beck – Week 1 – October Fitness Challenge

October Challenge – 2018

Pocket Sloth!

I had planned to make this really cute post from the Sloth’s point of view. Basically telling you all the things I was doing on my cruise that the Sloth did not want me to do and cute cute.

Let me explain, I have a sloth doll. I’ve posted his pick in my bed before. This is him, the night before the cruise at my brother in law’s mother’s house.


There he is snug in the pocket.  Looking cute and all of that..

We get on the boat, we’re smiley happy taking pictures on the top deck. I check on Sloth he’s great! Snug in pocket.

We talk about him and I put him back in the pocket. We go in for lunch at the buffet. Sit down and I look down to check on sloth… he’s gone!

The view though…

I search the buffet first, then I go down to guest services. No one turned him in. But I’ve shown Jorge the desk guy his photo.

I leave, this day was just about getting on the boat and that’s about it. But look at the view from the suites balcony! I wanted to stay here! But the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico is HOT.

So I noped out of that and went inside. Visited often, especially at night.


The next day was a day at sea, it was also my sister’s birthday. Pretty boring day so I went up to the gym.

Looking out from the machines, my view was incredible.

Excuse me… but can I have this view at my gym all the time? I mean really… I have a view of a parking lot at my gym.

Even the equipment that didn’t face the window had a mirror you could see the ocean with.

The next day was Grand Cayman… which was a bus tour with little to no actual activity. Well there was an observation tower, about four flights of stairs that I took instead of the elevators… the views were alright.

So when I got back I did walk around the walking track. 360 degrees of that fantastic view. I came back, had dinner…. checked for the sloth. No luck.

The next day was Mexico. Which was.. disappointing the tour wasn’t what it said it was.

Tower of Terror!

I did however climb 133 steps in the worlds most terrifying lighthouse.

It had no electricity so it was boiling hot inside. The steps were ultra narrow and the roof was so low you almost had to crawl up the last flight without had rails.

To get outside there was what can only be described as a doggy door.

Yay view… but going down… oh man.. that was horrible!

No hand rails, low roof, narrow steps and oh crap I’m afraid of heights and falling!

Luckily our tour guide was a little understanding and helped me when I needed it and then was cool about it.


Bad we went to a chocolate factory after that… but hey… I climbed a tower of terror.


We get back on the ship somewhere on the ship my sister has lost her sea pass… so we go down there to get a new one and before I hit the velvet ropes Jorge was clapping and pointing at me “Oh my god oh my god I’ve been calling you!”


Yup! That’s the sloth!

He was found in the X-ray after everyone came back on board from Cozumel.

So in my mind that means the Sloth decided someone else might do less… found that he was wrong and bailed to get back home to me.

Because yeah… why not give inanimate objects personalities and stuff. Did I mention I had an on ship boyfriend named Enrique?

Enrique…my love…


There he is laying in the bed.

The body pillow.. naming objects and giving them purpose is kind of a thing.

Let’s move on from my insanity shall we?


The last day on the boat we kind of just hung around.

I did go to the pool this day and chill with the elephants.

I didn’t do any vigorous swimming here. I mostly floated around in the warm salty water and then dipped myself into the hot whirlpool making a human soup.

That’s me!

I was so happy to see Tampa’s port the next morning.. I ran up to the upper deck to get a last photo.

Once I got home, I sat down and didn’t do another thing.

Today is Sunday and I’m pretty pleased to report that I didn’t do much of anything either. Except unpack which let’s get serious here… was a task. I went with two bags I was taking on the boat and two bags I was leaving in the car. I came back with four bags and the two I left in the car. Holy moly! I can’t pack light.

In a nutshell that was it. I ate terribly! I drank massive amounts of alcohol. I felt like I didn’t do much at all. I’ve eaten fast food since I got home and that has to stop.

So quick… did I accomplish goals?

Yes, yes I did. That’s great!

Now I want to discuss Ki’s post. She’s down and disheartened. I get that. But I’m very proud of her for listening to her body and not pushing it past what she could do. I’m so proud of you Road Runner! To me you kicked this challenge in the butt by doing what your body needs. Congrats on a successful week and let’s have a great week two!

Until next time, be kind to yourself and others.




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