Sunday Stats – Beck – Final Week – January Fitness Challenge

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Arm Challenge Weights

1. Weight: I want to be at 190 pounds by the end of this month.


2. Get my three workout spaces in a usable order.


3. I need to track my calories and carb intake.


4. Figure out my schedule.


5. From week one to week four want to increase my steps per day by a 1,000.



January Challenge – 2019 – Final Week

Final WeekDay 27 – Sunday

Today was kind of a lazy day. I love days off. They’re great! I was still on the downward step spiral for the week and outdid myself. Super low. I think I did the challenge and then didn’t move again unless it was to pee or take the dogs out. Lazy, very lazy day.

Steps: 2,561


Day 28 – Monday

Got up at 4:30 in the morning. Did the challenge. Walked the dogs. Went to work. Very short day. I worked until 4. I came home and didn’t do another thing. But I’m so ready for February. On a plus note. I got on a scale for the third day in a row and I have hit my January weight goal. YAY ME!

Steps: 17,923


Day 29 – Tuesday

Got up at 5:20 this morning. I didn’t have time to do the challenge in the morning. I had to get to work by 6am. I was off by 4. I didn’t do another thing but sit. So yeah, that was fun. I’m so ready for February. I did do the challenge at 8:30 pm. That was fun.

Steps: 24,852


Day 30 – Wednesday

So yes, got up at 4:30 am. Did the last day. Waked the dogs and got on with the day. I got off super early. 11 am I was off work. I spent the rest of the day getting things ready for my vacation.

Steps: 20,340


End of week measurements:

  • Bicep:  13 Inches
  • Chest:  45 Inches
  • Upper Abs:  41 Inches
  • Lower Abs:  42 Inches
  • Thigh:  21 Inches
  • Hips: 40 Inches
  • Weight: 190.8

I hit my goal weight! I hit my goal weight! I hit my goal weight! Said while I’m dancing in circles in my head because I’m way too lazy this week to get up! That’s it. That’s all I’m feeling.

Progress on My Goals

Copyright: bakhtiarzein / 123RF Stock PhotoPersonal goals

I hit my weight! I’m setting a new goal for February.

I got nothing done on the areas goal.

I’m teaching myself to use my fitness pal to track intake. I’m having trouble keeping myself on task to actually do it.

No on the step goals.

I did not at all work on my schedule. I forgot. Oops!

Challenge goals

Each challenge task is worth one point upon completion.

The first week of tasks only included 15 items to complete and therefore was worth 15 points plus 2 points for the bicep measurement and the stats post. I earned 17 points week 1 and 32 points week 2 for a total of 49 points. Week 3 & 4 was work 32 points bring the total to 113 points so far.

This week, there were 24 tasks to complete. I completed them all.

Measuring my bicep each week is worth 1 point.

Posting my final stats on time (by 6pm Sunday) is also worth 1 point.

Therefore, this week there are 26 points available.

Points Earned: 26

Total Challenge Points: 139


There we go, that’s my week. Have a greatly productive week!

Be kind to yourself and others,


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