Sunday Stats- Beck – December Challenge – Week 3

New Challenge & New Goals

30 Day Guns, Buns, & Ab Challenge Tracker

Personal goals for the month:

  • Monday through Saturday achieve 10,000 steps a day.
  • Work out in the gym at least three times a week.
  • Home workouts at least three times this week.
  • Be at 190 pounds by December 31st.


December Challenge – 2018 – Week 3

Challenge Goals:

Day 15 – Sunday, December 16th

Today is a good day. It’s my day of rest. That means I don’t have to do anything (except the challenge) if I don’t want to. And yet… I did a little bit. I got the challenge work out in. And a core workout. Nothing too fancy. Went to the grocery store and came home. The end of my day.


Day 16 – Monday, December 17th

This morning started out so great. I woke up early. I took the dogs to go potty. I did my full challenge workout. Took my kid to school. I was looking forward to a very productive day. And then… I had a cyst burst. I’m in pain. I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to work tomorrow or get my challenge in. But I’m going to try my hardest.

I can’t explain to you what a cyst breaking is like. It’s the most pain you could feel and not scream all at once and then it slowly eases down after hours of feeling like your insides are trying to escape your body. I have not done much of anything since then. The worst part is the swelling. To give you some idea of what that’s like. I got on the scale for you. You saw what my weight was on Saturday the 15th. On that day it was 195. something? I think it was .8. I’ll look later maybe.  Well here it is today in all it’s false but horrible nonetheless glory.


All my photos are dated so you know I did actually take this photo today. This is what happens to people who are PCOS. That’s 6 pounds of swelling. This is why people with PCOS feel they “can’t” loose weight. Things happen. Things pop and it feels like a massive set back. It’s not. It’s temporary.

I don’t know how long it will last, but I know it isn’t real weight gain. It will fade away in time. In the meantime, I’m swollen and sore. Currently, I have a fever of 101.8. I feel lousy. Oh and I haven’t done a single thing or walk much cause it hurts. I’m sitting because laying down hurts worse. I’m not real sure how I’m going to sleep yet.  It’s going to be a long week. I’ve survived this many times before. I will do so again. It will be okay.


Day 17 – Tuesday, December 18th

Today was a really hard day. I didn’t make it through my full day. I had to go home about 5 hours early. I did accomplish my challenge. One at a time. Basically, I had to do one squat, stop. Wait. Do one more. I made it. I did it. Took a very very long time.


Day 18 – Wednesday, December 19th

Off work today. Yay! That’s good. I’m up to three challenge exercises at a time. Otherwise I have done nothing. Nothing at all. I am doing the very least amount that I can do.


Day 19 – Thursday, December 20th

I made it through 11 hours of work today. The challenge was exhausting but I’m up to 5 to 10 at a time.


Day 20 – Friday, December 21st

I was only scheduled a little under 5 hours today so I worked that just fine. The challenge was hard but it was manageable. I feel like I’m shrinking up. Still swollen but it’s all very manageable.

Wednesday and Thursday are my only scheduled days this week. That’s like 15 ish hours for the week.

So, guess who’s off her diet. I can’t afford expensive food right now. For a little while, till I’m caught up, it’s back to $1 boxes of pasta and $1 pack of pinto beans that will feed my family threw multiple meals a day. That’s how it is. I’m going to teach myself about portion sizing and control… after Christmas.


Day 21 – Saturday, December 22nd

I’m off until after Christmas. So I did part of the challenge in the morning. A little more after my errands and the final stretch when I got home. I’ve been resting ever since then.

I’m kinda sore along my abdomen today. I’m not really sure why but right now it’s best to baby that area. Doing my best to not break anything else. Mostly I’m just hanging with my dogs because they are super cute!



End of week measurements:

Bicep:  13 Inches
Chest:  47 Inches
Upper Abs:  45 Inches
Lower Abs:  48 Inches
Hips:  43 Inches
Thigh:  22 Inches

Weight:  195.4 Pounds

Progress on My Goals

Sad fact, I barely got the points for the challenge this week. My other goals were not even attempted. If I made the steps that was great… but mostly I didn’t care. I wasn’t doing a single other thing. I took care of myself. That was really important.  Fingers crossed that next week is so much better than this one was. It’s almost the last week of this challenge. I’d like to make all of my goals. So that is that.

Challenge Score

  • One Point for each activity: 21 points earned
  • Post done by Sunday: 1 point
  • One point for measurements taken: 3 points earned
  • Total Points for the week: 25
  • Total points for the challenge: 75

Have a fantastic Christmas. I’ll see you guys next week.

Until then, be nice to yourself and others,


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