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New Challenge & New Goals

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If you read last week then you know I have a few more personal goals this month as well as the challenge.

No need to jump into that rabbit hole again. We can just get started.

  • Monday through Saturday achieve 10,000 steps a day. Accomplished this week.
    • Sunday is a rest day, steps are not mandatory. Didn’t do them so cool.
  • Work out in the gym at least three times a week. Again this week was a no go on this.
    • Hopefully Monday I won’t be sharing a car.
  • Home workouts at least three times this week. Not including the challenge. Accomplished.
  • Be at 190 pounds by December 31st. Working on it!


December Challenge – 2018 – Week 2

Now on to the actual challenge.

Day 8 – Sunday, December 9th

Challenge Week 2

It’s my Sunday. Day of rest. Seriously, I totally slept till almost 9 this morning.

Somehow during the night my Fitbit came off and got lost in my bed. Where oh where did you go Fitty Bit? I don’t know but I need to find it before I really start my day.

Anyway, I got up this morning and did a stretch routine. I’m not overly crazy about working out on my rest day. It’s a rainy day and I thought to myself, self… I think we’d feel better if we did some stretches. I was right. Self is thankful that I thought of that.

Off to start my day! I got home from running all the annoying life errands that needed to be ran. Played with the dogs for a bit and then did my work out. Accomplished and now to chill.

Oh wait! I forgot I have to get everything ready for the upcoming week of 10 hour work days. No rest for the wicked I guess.

Steps: 9,433

Day 9 – Monday, December 10th

So I woke up really really late for my day. I didn’t expect to work until almost noon.

I’m taking the week off from the gym. I’m sharing a car with my mom this week while her truck is in the shop. I don’t have a car before or after work. It’s a must for my kid to go to school.

Late, I didn’t get to do a work out before work. I came home a little after four and did a HIIT training on the recumbent bike. After that I did the first half of the squats.

Oooh, it’s getting tough! For those playing along with this challenge how are your thighs feeling? I was able to do the rest of the exercises pretty easy. But those squats though!

I did the second half after dinner. I did a core workout and glute workout as well.

Steps: 13,710

Day 10 – Tuesday, December 11

It is technically the last day of my week. Well, pay week anyway.

Another 6 am day over and done with. Yay!

It was a pretty rough day. Training a new employee. Just… yep, tired as all figgity.

I did not work out this morning. Here I am at 5 pm wondering if I’m going to get my work out in. I have to get to it. Fingers crossed that I get there.

I did it. It wasn’t pleasant, but I did it. I even got a core and a chest workout in.

Steps: 17,401

Day 11 – Wednesday, December 12

I do believe that training people is a lot more annoying than actually doing the work yourself. Eh, it’s not so bad. Really like the lady’s personality and work ethic. If she gets put on openings it would make my life easier and time fly by. I appreciate hard workers.

My dogs were nuts today. They love to try and sit on me while I work out.

I got my challenge work out in and a core workout. That’s all though. Still no car.

Steps: 20,355

Day 12 – Thursday, December 13

It was another long day at work.

I am craving mashed potatoes so bad today. I don’t know why I want them. I just know that I do. Instead I had chicken breast with spaghetti squash with a garlic and butter sauce for dinner. Satisfying? No. Filling? Yes.

I got my work out in. The squats are trying to kill me a little bit I think. Or maybe I just learned a technique to do them correctly. Either way… ow!

I got a core and a glute work out in. I feel big. Massive actually. I’m sure this is in my head. I’m kind of concerned that I may have gained weight. I’m not sure how I would have done that but it’s possible. Any and all things are possible. I have no doubt that this is my brain messing with me.

I set another big loss goal. I am hoping that I’m at 194 or close to that because we are half way threw the month. I’m stressing about the measurements on Saturday. Eh.. it’s one of those days.

Steps: 18,273

Day 13 – Friday, December 14

Such a long day this was. Got up as per usual. Had my child walk the dogs while I did the first half of the challenge work out. No squats before work. It’s a commandment I think.

Went to work by 6. Off work by 11am. Ran errands with my mom. Yes, I still don’t have a car. I’m so sad about that.

Went and cleaned my sister’s house. I need to pay for a ticket to Iceland after all and I’m not using money for that. Work it is. I work for vacations. Go figure that? Anyway, after that we discussed the ins and outs of filing for my passport so I can go to Iceland in the first place. Did the squats while she googled up all of the information.

Got home. Hung out on the internet for a long time. Did a core work out. Went to sleep. My puppy Jimmy Waffles is like a little heating pad. He curls up to my back and I’m out.

Steps: 12,715

Day 14 – Saturday, December 15

12-15-2018 Weight

My little heating pad didn’t need to pee until 10 am. Therefore, I did not wake today until 10 am.

It’ll be interesting to see how the workouts go. I’m looking at the goal list right now. I’m pretty sure the creator wanted the squats to kill you.

I’m about to take my measurements before I eat or drink anything because I firmly believe that will give me the best chance of them being better? I don’t know?

I don’t really follow a schedule on anything. Obviously. I’m so bad at keeping track of stuff. But I love having a check list of things I need to accomplish. I’m sure that is strange. Oh well.

Off to start my day. I’ll let you know how it all goes.


End of week measurements:

12-15-2018 – Measurements

Bicep: 13.5 Inches
Chest: 45 Inches
Upper Abs:  41.5 Inches
Lower Abs:  43.5 Inches
Hips: 43 Inches
Thigh: 22 Inches

Weight: 195.8

Progress on My Goals

Copyright: marchie / 123RF Stock Photo
Every single one!

My initial feeling when I stepped on the scale and looked down to see 195.8 was “Darn, not half way!” But let’s get real here. I lost 3 pounds this week! That’s amazing. I worked for that three pounds and should be seriously proud.

I still miss the gym. I don’t know why I miss the gym. I think I just miss having a place to go where other humans are instead of working out on my carport or in my home gym. I’m not sure what it is. I can’t wait for the gym close to my house opens up. Even without a car I could walk there from work. It’s so close I can see it from our front windows.

Anyway, those are my stats. I hope you had a great week as well. It’s time to move onto the scoring.

Challenge Score

  • One Point for each activity: 21 points earned
  • Post done by Sunday: (It’s Saturday night again! Go Team Sloth!) 1 point
  • One point for measurements taken: 3 points earned
  • Total Points for the week: 25
  • Total points for the challenge: 50

So that’s how I’m doing so far. I hope everyone playing along is showing some gains with pain. Squats man. Wow!

I’ll see you next week with hopefully even more progress towards my goals!

Until then, Be nice to yourself and others,


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