Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race Review

Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race Review

Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race

The Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race was one of the very first races that the Sloth and I signed up for.  I mean just look at that sticker!  Is that not the cutest thing?!

And let’s face it… we are not fast.  I might be referred to as the RoadRunner around here but I am not fast when it comes to racing.  I don’t run.  At all.  Ever.  And my walking isn’t very fast at all.  So the “Slow AF Run Club” suited us!

The turtle mask and toilet paper roll are great representations of why we need to participate in virtual races this year, social distancing instead of working out together.  While Beck and I never really worked out together after high school, we both worked out in gyms… around other people.  And that’s just not happening this year.  So the Social Distancing Shuffle was quite fitting for this year.

Race Details

  • Fee:  $30
  • Type:  1 mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon (13.1 miles), or marathon (26.2 miles)
  • Gear: Medal, Bib, Sticker
  • Difficulty:  Easy
  • Website: Social Distancing Shuffle
  • Charity:  None
  • Days to Complete:  35
  • Dates Available:  April 28, 2020 – June 1, 2020


What I Liked

There were several things I liked about the Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race:

  • The medal and sticker are too cute!
  • The timeframe and distances are totally achievable
  • Registration was user friendly
  • Entering stats was user friendly
  • Similar races offered, such as the Turtle Trot
  • Slow AF Merch!


What I Disliked

To be fair, the Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race review should also report what I didn’t like about it, right?  There weren’t many things I disliked about this race.  But there were a few:

  • There was no charity donation like with many other races
  • Limited availability, if you missed the dates, it’s gone
  • No team option
  • Medal shipped regardless of stats, so bought instead of earned



Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race MedalCute…but a bit underwhelming.

So, the Social Distancing Shuffle Virtual Race was not a total waste of time.  I do love the cute medal, it is high quality and just adorable.  The sticker was an unexpected surprise for me.  It is stuck to my Fitness Binder for some nostalgia down the road.

I never did go in and enter my time for this one.  But I did make sure to complete it and logged it in my Virtual Race Journal.  This race was started and completed on May 26, 2020.  I walked 5.71 miles, which made it a 5k since I didn’t quite reach 10k.  I finished it in 1 hour and 29 minutes making my pace 15:59.

While I didn’t submit my time, I did make sure that I completed the race and earned the medal.

I do not regret this race.

Now… get to stepping!



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