Sloth Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 1 – 9/10/18

Cruise Crunch Challenge – Day 1

I am going on my very first cruise vacation on October 1st. I’m so excited about it. It’s my first time on a cruise ship. It’s my first time going to another country. I literally go no where.

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Bon Voyage!

I have been to a total of four states that I can remember. We moved a lot when I was very young. I can’t remember any of them except Alabama. That’s counted in the four in my life time.

This is the very first time I’m going to go outside of the country and on a mode of transportation that isn’t being controlled by myself or someone I love and trust with all of my heart. I have this joint excitement and terror going on. I can’t wait!

So why is it that I’m posting about this here? What does this have to do with working out or being healthy in mind or body? I’m getting to that! Relax… here ya go. I’ve got to wear a bathing suit. I mean I don’t have to wear a bathing suit but how cool is it that you can sip a cocktail by a pool in the middle of the ocean? Of course I have to wear a bathing suit!

I know I’m not going to be a size six in 20 days. That’s crazy. But moving toward my goals continuously and not giving up or being too lax before vacation will help my self confidence before I go there.

So let’s get started shall we? As always with a challenge you really need to set the baseline and what your goals are going forward. I’m not sure if there is a point in putting my stats here. I literally did that yesterday. You could so open the last post and just look! But I know this world is all about instant gratification so here we go.


Current Stats

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Baseline Stats

My current weight as of yesterday is 214 I think there was a point in there but I’m pretending that doesn’t exist. Curious about that point whatever? Go read my previous post.

  • Arm: 14 inches Thigh: 22 inches
  • Chest: 46 Inches
  • Hips: 45 inches
  • Two inches above the navel: 45 inches
  • Two inches below the navel: 46 inches

With this challenge it’s not only a body challenge it’s a mind and spirit crunch as well. We have twenty days to get it done. Every day I’m going to post my plan and goals for the day and then at the end of the day I’m going update it with what went right and what went wrong with the plan for the day.

Plan for Day 1: Monday, September 9th.

Morning pre work out:

Recumbent bike Hi intensity interval training workout.
4 minutes regular pedaling at a 6 resistance setting warm up.

Sprint 30 seconds, 10 resistance setting.
Repeat a total of 8 times.

3 minute cool down at a regular pedaling at a 6 resistance.


Day 1 Full Body workout before work:
15 Jumping Jacks
10 step ups onto my bench (if you don’t have a bench a kitchen chair works)
3 push ups
10 crunches
Plank 25 seconds

16 Curtsey Lunges
8 Plie Squats
4 Side lying leg lift left side
4 bottom leg lift left side
4 Side lying leg lift right side
4 bottom leg lift right side
10 second wall sit

5 push ups
5 triceps dips
10 mountain climber
30 second plank

16 standing glute kickbacks
15 squats
10 Donkey Kick Right
10 Donkey Kick Left
10 Butt Bridge
10 second wall sit

14 Crunches
4 left crunches
4 right crunches
4 reverse crunches
5 leg raises
30 second plank

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Sloth’s Got Goals!

Okay, I know what your saying right now. Beck… holy crap that is a lot of crap you have listed to do before work. Look at the numbers… they are really low amount of reps. Honestly all of that probably takes about 20 minutes. It will take you longer to lay out your mat, grab a chair or bench and put your equipment back up after your workout. You shouldn’t have more than a 30 second rest between each exercise. It’s really quick.


Mind and Spirit Goal:

Clean the Gym, Set kitchen for next day’s breakfast, and Pack Gym bag back up.


After work – work out:

Full Body:

18 Jumping jacks
4 triceps dip
10 squats
10 bird dog
25 second plank

18 Curtsey Lunges
8 Plie Squats
5 Side lying leg lift left side
5 bottom leg lift left side
5 Side lying leg lift right side
5 bottom leg lift right side
10 second wall sit

8 push ups
5 triceps dips
10 mountain climber
30 second plank

10 Lunges
10 Side lying leg lift Right
10 Side lying leg lift Left
10 Fire Hydrant Left
10 Fire Hydrant Right
10 Squats

10 Crunches
5 left crunches
5 right crunches
5 reverse crunches
8 leg raises
30 second plank


After dinner: 

Repeat the recumbent bike routine.


I don’t really have a step goal. I think as long as I get at least 20,000 I’m happy. That should be pretty easy because it’s a work day.


Wrap Up

How did it go? Did I make all those goals? Yes, I achieved these workouts. The cleaning.. NOPE! Did not. Oh well.. time to move on to the next day. I ended up taking 27,689 steps.


Until then, be nice to yourself and others.


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