September Sleep Challenge – Week 4 – Team Sloth

Team Sloth FINAL Sleep Challenge Check in!

It’s October! My favorite time of the year. The best part about it being October, the September sleep Challenge is OVER! YAY! So happy about that.

I personally believe this has been the most challenging challenge for me. I sleep all the time. I sleep because I’m bored. I sleep because I’m tired. I sleep all the time whenever I want because I can! Not everyone has that luxury.

What I learned this past month is that I am super terrible at setting and sticking to any kind of schedule. I don’t know if that’s because I’m not forced to do so? I don’t know. I know that sleep wasn’t that great for me.

Other things I learned, Fitbit is not overly accurate when reading sleep. Especially when you move it to your leg during the most inactive month I’ve ever spent. I had to move it to my leg though. I’m a sweaty human. The sweat would accumulate under it and then drip down my arm when I move. YYYYYUUUUUUCCCCKK!!! I couldn’t handle it. So I moved it to my leg.

Now that being said. It doesn’t really matter. My sleep pattern is wonky and weird and whatever. It is what it is. Moving on to tracking!


Tuesday 9/27

Today is a normal kind of sleep pattern for me since I got out of the habit of going to the gym daily.

I go to sleep late, I get up. Take the kid to school and come home and sleep again until I have to pick the kid up from school.

This isn’t a very good pattern to get into at all.

One it cuts out the time I can go to the gym. Two it’s like sleeping your life away. Nobody should do this.

Yet, it sounded like fun to me so I did it.




Wednesday 9/28

This was just bad tracking Fitbit. I get that I was pretty still but look at how much red is in there! I was obviously moving a lot. It’s kind of hard to consider it sleep right? Not for Fitbit. Not super active you must be asleep!

I actually went to bed a little after midnight and slept pretty well until 5 when my alarm starts to go off. I’m the sleep button queen ya’ll. I hit that thing until I absolutely have to move.

Again, I came home and went back to bed at around 9 and slept till I had to get the kid. This is boredom sleeping. It’s not needed. What’s needed is that I get back to the gym.

Then again, fitbit decided I was asleep at noon till 7pm Which.. all that red. Fitbit just doesn’t understand lazy. Don’t worry Boo… I’ll teach you all about it in our relationship.



Thursday 9/29

This one is totally accurate. I’m so proud of you Fitbit! Even shows how long me and the sleep button fought. I love it! It was a pretty good night of sleep. I felt good when I woke up. No boredom naps. I was good.


Friday  9/30

Oh lord! Fitbit NO! I was not asleep from 9:11pm for 8 hours and something! Look at all the red lines. I was awake. So anyway, I did go to bed at around midnight and slept until 6am. So around six hours with some wake up time in there.

Now second sleep that was recorded. Not sleeping again. This was time I was awake and being lazy.

Again… sigh on this… 643 pm till 10pm not asleep. Sitting at my desk. Yep. That’s my Friday! At home, just chillin… being super duper LAZY!



Saturday 10/1

It’s over! This is the last time I’m going to pay much attention to sleep! Not really, I’m still going to work towards getting myself on a schedule. Learn to listen when I tell myself what to do. I’m trying ya’ll. This sleep at night thing is HARD WORK!

So I went to bed last night at 130am. That’s way past sleep night. (I say this as I type at 317 in the morning but you’ll see why that is in a minute.) I find it funny that the time I was restless are times that during the week I would be either hitting the snooze button or on my way to take the kid to school. I finally dragged my butt out of bet at 10 something.

By 246.. I was bored and went to take a nap. I wasn’t really sleepy. I was just bored and didn’t want to do the 10,000 things on my to do list so I said whatever and went to sleep. I was up by 6ish. However, fitbit decided my you tube watching is totally not activity and has me still asleep.



So there you have it. That’s my final tally of sleep. My weight hasn’t moved from 205. I’m holding steady with that. Probably because I’ve done little to nothing all month long. It’s been Slothtember. Now Slothtember is over and my favorite month is right here! I’m excited! So that’s it guys. Oh no wait… goals! I have to have goals for this month right?  Let’s go.


October Goals!

GET OUTSIDE! The weather is getting better. It’s not third rung of hell hot anymore. So I need to see the outdoors more. That’s massive. I don’t really like outside. This sloth prefers her enclosure.

Steps! Get back up to at least 10,000 steps a day. I miss my stickers! Fitbit has not been the super supportive boyfriend he was during the step challenge. He hasn’t given me presents or love notes or anything. We need to save this relationship. Couseling doesn’t seem to be an option with a electronic device so… me stepping up my game seems to be the right choice.

Change my sleep goals to 5 hours a night and FORCE myself to actually sleep it at night when I should. Steadily increase the amount of sleep I get until there are no naps taken.

STOP BOREDOM SLEEPING! If I’m bored, I need to get my butt active at something. What? I don’t know? I haven’t thought that far ahead yet. But something. I need to be active not in La La land.

Water! I’ve let my water goal just nose dive…. Darn Green Elixer of LIFE! Why you taste so good?

BACK TO THE GYM! Yes, that’s in all caps. I felt better when I went and I just let that just go. No excuses. You choose what you do and what you don’t do. It’s time to get back to my goals. What’s important to me is not being fat when I turn 40. The year is moving scary fast. I need to get on that.

Slothtember was a serious motivation dip! It’s on to the next challenge where I’m going to just burn it up and move tons. Seriously! I’m on this! Really! (Sloth… we shall see lady… we shall see.)


Until the next,



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