September Sleep Challenge – Week 3- Team Sloth

Sloth City

So I didn’t get on a schedule this week. In fact, my schedule was move as little as possible. Sloth city this week buddy. Don’t move. That was the main goal.

Sometime Monday I swelled up really bad. My stomach was tight and swollen and just not having part of comfort. It stayed that way all week. Yes, I did go to a doctor on Tuesday. They told me it was bruised ribs and gas. Well, okay. My ribs don’t hurt at all and the swelling hasn’t gone down no matter how much gas relief or laxatives I take. Silly doctor, I don’t know is an answer. Whatever, no excuses. I just didn’t sleep much.

Anyway, you’re definitely about to see how I totally bombed on the goal to put myself on a schedule of any kind. It didn’t happen this week. Why? I dunno, it just did not happen.  Let’s just jump into it shall we?

Tuesday 9/20


I hit goal! Yay me!

The amounts of times I’m awake at night is just crazy to me. I wish I knew why I’m waking up.

Is that normal for people to have crappy sleep at the beginning of their night night time?

Or is it just the crappy sleepers of the world that do that?




Wednesday 9/21


This is one of those times where Fitbit is reading no activity as sleep.

This reading is starting at 4:25pm, I checked my journal and I wasn’t even wearing the fitbit at that time. It was on the charger. I know it was because I thought since I’m being super Sloth anyway, there is no point in wearing it. I didn’t put it on again until 10 something.

I did eventually go bed. Mostly I just laid there uncomfortably. The last time I looked at the clock it was 2am. So I’m not exactly sure how much sleep I got. I just know for sure it wasn’t over 13 hours.



Thursday 9/22


I’m going to probably agree with this one. I think.

I can’t actually remember what time I went to bed.

I think I’m going to have to say Fitbit is probably right on this day hands down. I did go to sleep.

Come back from dropping off my kid, toddle around for a little while and then went back to bed till I had to pick her up.

Sleep is good, don’t judge.






Friday 9/23


Friday is a day of optimism. It’s a day where I think to myself “My week is over at noon. I have a weekend to look forward to.”

I’ve decided that the swollen is going to be my normal by now. It’s not super painful just super duper annoying. So, whatever… roll with it. Just don’t expect any stats from me other than weight.

Which I am maintaining consistently thank you very much. No loss even though I haven’t really moved my butt all month long but there isn’t gain either. So I am giving myself a gold star.



Saturday 9/24


Back in the day this sleep would have meant that I had a really fun night.

Nowadays it means I randomly do stuff till way after dawn and decided to catch a nap before I had to go see my mom.

That’s exactly what it means these days. Sad but true, but I didn’t feel tired in any way other than the “Oh my God why are you doing stuff!” feelings. I was good.




Sunday 9/25


And this is how I know I actually got enough sleep for me the day before, I was up again doing stuff.

By doing stuff I mean that my swollen butt decided I was rearranging my packed to the gills craft room to fit shelves that I found in a dumpster dive expedition at the beginning of the week into it.

Did it take far longer than it usually does to accomplish this task? Yes! Oh my god it was so annoying having to sit and chill every time there was a twinge of pain or discomfort, but I took care of me.

I’m still working on that room, but I will accomplish that task.

However, I don’t know what fitbit means by the nap at 9:47pm on Sunday night. That’s just not true. Maybe I was sorting something for that hour or something else randomly weird.

I’m pretty sure Ki can confirm that I was chit chatting off and on with her at that time. So… thanks for the added rest and all but not accurate.



Monday 9/26


Coming out of a weekend is always a bear. I think it is for people who actually have a schedule too.

The weekend throws you off, you go to bed later you sleep more or less depending on your Sloth influence. It’s just a pain in the butt.

So I ended up going to bed at 2am. Slept crappy. But woke up feeling fine. Swollen and annoyed still but fine.

So much on the fine that I thought to myself. Self.. you haven’t done jack crap for exercise pretty much the whole month. The doctor cleared Mama Sloth, get your butt to the gym. So I did.

An hour of modified, and by modified I mean like almost the full hour was on the recumbent bike. I was wiped. Just totally and completely wiped out. Way more wiped out than spending a weekend moving furniture wiped out.

It was a different kind of wiped. I’m not sure why working out does that when hard stuff really doesn’t. That’s one for the scientists. So yeah, when I got home for the day I crashed hard. Slept right through all the thunderstorms and barely woke up to get this in on Monday.


There are four more days until wrap up of this challenge. I’m looking forward to it being over. What’s my goals for these last days?

Work on getting myself on a schedule of some type. Obviously I need one, I’m all over the place. That’s it, that’s all I got.

I will see you again on the 1st for the wrap up!


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