September Sleep Challenge – Week 2 – Team Sloth

Sloth is Tired

Seems like just yesterday we talked about this. Nah, really it was supposed to be a week ago today that we talked about sleep.

Another week down and a few more to go before sleep is not my main concern anymore. Yay me! Anyway, this week wasn’t as chill as I would like it to be. It is what it is. We can just get into the stats and move along.


Tuesday 9/13

9-13-sleepMama sloth was still in the hospital today. So the Baby Dragon did not go to school. I wasn’t sure if Mama Sloth would be sprung during a time I would need to go and pick her up, so I didn’t make her go. That being the case, I slept in a little. Not too much though.

I knew that my siblings would be back to work or whatever it is they do in the day times. So it would be just me keeping Mama Sloth company. I made sure I was up there by 8 in the morning.

I think it’s hilarious just how often the Fitbit reads me sitting on my butt as sleep. I think the reason for this is the fact that I moved it from my wrist to my ankle sometime last week. On my wrist it was constantly knocked off, in the way and I sweat. I don’t like having sweaty wrists. So I was constantly having to take it off and wash my hands and wrists.

I moved it down to my left ankle where the sweat wouldn’t bother me so much. Now when my legs are still, it says I’m asleep. I don’t move my legs nearly as often as my arms. I could totally cheat this tracking just by doing that. But I won’t of course.

The first image is sleep. The others are Sloth being a sloth and not wanting to move. Not asleep. Just not moving to what Fitbit thinks is enough to be awake.


And here is my excessive slothiness.  It’s really funny to me because I know at least the 10:06 reading, Ki knows I was awake. I was talking to her on line.


Wednesday 9/14

9-14-correctedBack to my reality. Here is another hilarious day and another reason that I know I just can’t trust Fitbit to track my sleep alone.

Today I got up and took my kid to school. Came back and laid back down until it was time to go wake up Mama Sloth and pick up the dragon for the day.

What did Fitbit decide? That I never really woke up, it was just minutes of awake time.

See that big cluster of red? I was driving then!

Am I half asleep when I drive my kid to school? Most likely.



Thursday 9/15

9-15My brain was a battlefield of what ifs and research on my mom’s leaky heart. I did not go to sleep at any point.

I know that is bad, it happens sometimes.

I did lay down at several points during the night but my agitation level was on a massive scale. So much so that not even Fitbit took inactivity as sleep. Yep, it’s a gone day. So be it.



Friday 9/16

TGIF! It was a very long week. I’m so glad it’s the weekend. I am sending the air all kinds of positive waves never to repeat that again!



Now Fitbit… really? This day was almost a carbon copy of Wednesday. But today it decided that I was in fact awake and it was two separate sleeps not just one with a long period of waking.


Saturday 9/17

Up by 8ish to hang with my mom. We didn’t do anything but drive around and walk around stores to get her blood pressure up. It didn’t work, at all. In fact, it dropped.

I can’t tell you how much that worries me. Wednesday she talks to her primary care doctor. I’m hoping there will be some kind of answer or plan of action. Something that will get her on a path to healing.

Dragon is also being a pain in the butt about her meds. Not really wanting to take them. I get it, sleep isn’t the greatest thing at night. But we do have to do it. Her meds help her get there. Fighting and fussing and worry oh, my!


That’s my sleep. Looks like I woke up a lot. I didn’t feel tired.


Once again… Fitbit says “Girl you are so lazy… you must be asleep.”

Nope, I wasn’t. Judgey wudgey!


Sunday 9/18

9-18-sleepWell, at least there was sleep logged.

Yes, it was like almost 4 in the morning when I did it.

I got to thinking about crap too much and decided that filling a drawer thing in my craft room with crap was far more important than thinking and sleep.

Sleep?  I did it and slept until I woke on my own. I can do that. There isn’t a schedule around here remember?


I think I tend to want to sleep more when I go to bed late. But I’m not sure my sleep quality is any better no matter what time I go to bed.


Another time Fitbit totally ratted me out for being lazy.

Apparently while I was at my computer I had an entire hour and 17 minutes where I didn’t move. My inner sloth is proud.


Monday 9/19

9-19Today isn’t going to count for this challenge I’m sure. Fitbit didn’t feel the need to log my sleep. No idea why?

Maybe I was moving too much for it to decide that I was sleeping? Maybe the battery was too low to read? I have no idea. But on a day that I actually oversleep to the point my kid misses school, yep.. I slept.

Anyway, I tried the logging feature on Fitbit. While it doesn’t tell you the times you were restless or awake according to it. It’s an option for you to be able to keep track of unlogged sleep.

Now that I’ve overslept and thrown my day completely off, it’s time to get moving. Just let me get the masking tape and rig the Fitbit to charge while I’m out. Get this sucker posted on time and then I’m out of here for the day. Granted my schedule is completely off already. No steps will be read. I don’t know if charging is actually the problem that it didn’t read my sleep or not, but it does need to be charged anyway.



Goals for this week:

  1. Write out a schedule for daily activity.
  2. Stick to that schedule.
  3. See if a schedule is at all beneficial to me as sleep is concerned.
  4. Lay off the caffeine again. Dew tastes good but it’s not really your friend. It just pretends to be.
  5. Get back to working out. Sloth is being super slothy. Quit it.


That’s it for this week!


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