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Sorry so late on this. To be honest, I forgot about this challenge completely. Forgot I was supposed to post anything. Forgot about it all.

But let’s get real honest here, when it comes to our kids or our mom’s priorities shift. My mom became way more important than a challenge and I forgot. My bad.

I’d like to say it won’t happen again but Mama Sloth and Baby Dragon kind of rule the world. Both of them staying on track would help me get on one.

What have I learned about my sleep habits? I sleep when I’m tired of course I do that. But I also sleep when I’m just bored.

I don’t have any type of fixed schedule for my life. So I can count sheep whenever I feel like it. It’s hot in this room, forget it! Go to the air conditioned room and take a nap. I’m bored and tired of playing on Facebook or You Tube… forget this… go and take a nap. Avoiding to household chores? Must be time for bed.

I sleep a ton. It’s just in snippets here and there. That’s what I’ve found out in this challenge.

I’m not a super big fan of this challenge either. There isn’t anything I can do to push it forward. There is no extra walks I can take.

There’s no focus on doing anything except going to bed on time. Which like any three-year-old will tell you, bed time sucks. I don’t like being told what to do or when to do it even when it’s me doing the telling. Stubborn? Maybe. Just plain defiant? Yep, totally!

So what did I do from first check in till Monday?


Tuesday 9/6


Fitbit says I did good.

Fitbit is also a tattle tale because even though I did good that day I got bored and or hot a few times that day and went and took naps.

Why? Because I have nothing pressing in life.

I think Fitbit is trying to tell me to get a schedule… or maybe a job? I’m not sure.

What I do know? Fitbit is a snitch.


Wednesday 9/7


So close… yet so far.

I personally think it should count if we’re in bed trying to sleep. Come on Fitbit!

I thought you were supposed to be my supportive boyfriend!

It’s the waking up thing I think screws up the whole tracking.

If I’m restless or I wake up… then it takes time off. I’m still in bed.

Sloth did good!



Thursday 9/8


Didn’t make my goal by 10 minutes. But, I didn’t take any naps this day either so… hmm?

Do I need more sleep or do I need less to be a functioning human being? It’s all very confusing.

I also overslept by about an hour when I usually only over sleep by 30 minutes. Yeah, that was bad.

I also can’t say that I didn’t take a nap either.

See… what had happened was my sinuses were being total punks. I was stuffy and congested. not feeling well at all. I was also out of my normal clear up my nose junk so I took one of my kid’s allergy pills. Right! Great! Cleared it right up… and by 4 I was down for the count.



Friday 9/9


Want a real sloth kind of day?

Take an allergy pill instead of your normal sinus meds.

I slept from 4:13pm yesterday till 3:04am today.

That’s 10 1/2 hours!

Of pretty much unconsciousness seriously… the line is pretty solid.



Saturday 9/10


Okay, so this one was really, really bad.

I had trouble with the being tired but not really being sleepy.

Because ya know… the day before I got 10 ½ hours of sleep.

I got a nap in Saturday afternoon from 3:18 to 5:42 pm and then I was up doing stuff.

Just absolute randomness and feeling hung over from too much sleep.

Saturday was productive. Just seriously not for sleep.



Sunday 9/11


Fitbit is SUCH A SNITCH!

Fitbit wants to tell you guys that I slept from 9:39pm to 12:36pm. That’s so not true!

I think it would be hilarious if it was. But it’s not.

My Sloth won on Sunday and decided to watch DVD’s all day in my bed.

If you look at what they’re calling awake times, it’s totally me getting up to pee or going and getting a drink or food because my kid won’t bring it to me.

Otherwise I didn’t do crap but lay there and let my brain rot all day long. SNITCH!

The actual sleep was from 3:18pm to 6:50pm, far more restless but I did sleep. That was a very good thing.

At 11:20pm I got a call to get to my mom’s house something was wrong. I then spent the night in the ER with her.



Monday 9/12


Now see, I’m not even sure this counts for the challenge at all because it’s supposed to be night sleep.

I didn’t get home from the hospital until 4am and I didn’t get to bed by Fitbit says 4:23am.

I did sleep in a bit and was back out my door by 9:30am to get to the hospital with my mom.

I wouldn’t call it family fun time but I did get to hang out up there with two out of three brothers and my little sister.

So, that’s good?



Weekly Round Up

So what did I learn about sleep this week? I learned that Fitbit will tell me I’m sleeping even when I’m not. If I just would be super still for those hours, I could totally cheat and win this thing hands down.

I also learned that maybe Fitbit shouldn’t be your only source of tracking if you’re being a super sloth lately. Like me! Maybe you should also write down what the clock says the last time you look at it at night and the first time you look at it in the morning. That won’t tell you the quality of sleep you get but at least you’d have something to back up what Fitbit or your other tracker is telling you.

Beck Sleep

I need a schedule in my life. Yeah, doesn’t really make much sense when I have very few places to be at the moment. But let’s be honest here, my dreams aren’t any more entertaining to me than my life so I should stay up during the day.

Sleeping when I’m bored is what old people do. I’m not there just yet so I should stop acting like it and start I don’t know? Living? That would be interesting.

Now to find things to do in my day that will keep me out of bed. Hmm… therein lies a problem. That problem will have to be corrected starting the 18th because as of right now, it’s Friday the 16th and I’m not about to think about it at the end of a week.

Well that’s last week’s update. I’ll get myself to work on next week’s so it will be on time.

Until Monday,


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