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Motivation Monday

Sleep Deprivation Leads to Obesity
Sleep Deprivation Leads to Obesity

So today marks day 1 of our Fitness Challenge for September. Beck and I are competing to see who sets the healthiest sleep habits for the month. As part of this challenge, we will be posting our stats each week to show any noticed progress during this challenge.

Our motivation for this challenge comes from studies that found sleep deprivation leads to obesity.  We wish we would have known this when we were teenagers…back when we started training our bodies to function without sleep.


Ki’s Sleep – Baseline

This will be an interesting challenge.  One would think sleep is easy.  Eh, not so much.  The RoadRunner doesn’t like sleep, she HATES sleep and doesn’t get enough.  Now, I’ve been working on trying to improve my sleep habits for a few weeks already so I guess you could say I have a little bit of a head start.  I’m up to an average of about six and a half hours of sleep.  So here’s how my sleep has gone so far this month:

Thursday – 9/01

I didn’t track my sleep on this day because my Fitbit needed to be charged so I left it plugged into the computer all night.  I could guess how long I slept but I can’t guarantee accuracy so I’ll just count this day as a loss.

Friday – 9/02

I didn’t have to work Friday, so I stayed up late Thursday night thinking I could sleep in a little and get the 7 hours of sleep that I need.

Nope.  No, I should know better than that.  My body does not allow me to sleep in.  It knows that it is supposed to be out of bed by 8am.  Period.  It doesn’t care what day it is.  So why do I continue thinking that I can trick it into sleeping in?

It wasn’t a very good night of sleep either.  23 times restless and 2 times awake.  Not cool.  I needed that 42 minutes to count toward the 7 hours.

Ki - Friday - September 2

Saturday – 9/03

Stayed up even later Friday night because…well…it’s the weekend and I HATE sleep!  Bad idea.  I still woke up at 8am.  This is so not fair!  I want to sleep in!  The ONLY time I want to sleep is in the morning.  I hate sleep all other times of the day.  But waking up is worse than having to go to sleep!

The night was just slightly more restful than the last, but I still woke up twice.  If I would’ve gotten that extra 30 minutes, I only would’ve been 1 minute short of 7 hours!  I think I may need to consider getting the sleep apnea treated and just deal with the CPAP so I can get restful sleep.  Hmm…maybe then I won’t need as much!

Ki - Saturday - September 3

Sunday – 9/04

Yikes…okay bad, bad RoadRunner!  I got caught up in what I was doing Saturday night and didn’t go to bed until almost 4am.  It’s nights like this that leave me struggling with Insomnia.  I need to cut it out.

My sleep quality was typical.  I lost 28 minutes in being restless and waking up.  It’s good to see a longer period of time that I wasn’t restless but I do need to get the sleep apnea addressed. Ki - Sunday - September 4


Monday – 9/05

Since today is Labor Day, I don’t have to work.  I knew that last night and therefore, stayed up past my bedtime.  Sigh.  I do know better than that.

Despite staying up late, my body knew that it is a Monday.  My dern body knew that I get up for work on Mondays.  Why does my dern body not know that it’s Labor Day?!

I woke up at the usual time that I do on work days.  No extra 21 minutes for me today.  My bladder wasn’t having it.  As hard as I fought to keep my eyes closed and try to hold onto that slumber…my body said no way Jose, get up!  Rise and shine!

While it was a more restful night than usual, my sleep duration was shorter than usual.  I’m feeling it today.  I feel sleepy as I type this and it’s only noon!  It took half an hour for my eyes to stop blurring and actually focus on something this morning.  I needed more sleep.

Ki - Monday - September 5

Ki’s Weight & Measurements

My Weight

I weigh 207.8 today.  This is up from the 200.1 I weight a few weeks ago.  However, my goals have not been met regularly in weeks.  There have been low calorie intake days as well as days without sleep.  My activity level is down and probably won’t get back up there for a few more weeks.

I expect this journey to be a rollercoaster of ups and downs.  I haven’t really made drastic changes to my diet yet other than more water consumption and less soda.  So we’ll see how I progress over the next month.

Ki - Weight

My Measurements

My baseline measurements are as follows:

  • Weight:  207.8
  • Chest:  46.5″
  • Waist:  46″
  • Hips:  43.5″
  • Wrist:  6.5″
  • Forearm:  9.5″
  • BMI:  35.7

It’ll be interesting to see if regular, healthy sleep helps to get rid of it faster.



Womens Fitness Challenge
Meep! Meep!

I’m sleepy today.  One would think that would be a good thing when it comes time to go to bed.  But no…see it’s not that simple.  When bed time rolls around, I’ll be either hyper or super focused and back to not wanting to sleep.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Oh well, I’m feeling confident about this challenge because I started with some what of an advantage.  We’ll see how it plays out.



Your friendly neighborhood road runner,


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