Run The Edge Race Review

Run The Edge Race Review

This Run The Edge Race Review is yet another virtual race platform review instead of an actual virtual race.  Don’t worry, I will be reviewing the races as well, but this is one of my two favorite platforms to race with.  I just had to tell you about it!  This is my second favorite place to go for virtual races.  It would be my first place winner if it had more races.  But right now it’s pretty limited.

There are several websites that offer various virtual races, my reviews are looking like they will be very similar for each race offered by a single platform.  So I thought maybe a review of the platform offering the races would be appropriate so you can decide for yourself if you want to pursue races at each site.

Races Completed with Run the Edge

Okay, I have to be honest, I didn’t really complete Run The Year 2020… I bought the medal.  The medal is a lock with some keys for each milestone for the year 2020.  My nickname is Ki… pronounced key.  I wanted it, I bought it, not sorry.  I did walk the miles to earn that medal, I just did so with a different platform because I hadn’t found this one yet.

I did complete the Hollywood Streaker Challenge.  This was during the month of March 2021 only and I really completed it on accident as I wasn’t really paying attention to this challenge during that time.  The Amerithon Challenge is one that I’m currently working on as well as the Run The Year 2021 Challenge.  My biggest motivator thus far has been the Amerithon Challenge.  I’m loving it!



What I Like

There are several positive things to tell you about here with run the edge race review:

  • Medals
  • Quality
  • Tracker
  • Goodies
  • Challenges
  • Supportive Community

The medals are superior to almost all the rest.  The Amerithon medal is absolutely huge.  It’s about the same size as my hand.  It’s a high quality medal with a glossy finish in the shape of the United States of America and has magnetic pieces that you earn along the way.  The Run The Year 2021 medal is shaped like a stopwatch and allows you to move the clock hands to track the miles you’ve accomplished.  Both are fantastic pieces!

The tracker on this platform syncs with your fitness tracker and is pretty accurate.  It’s also very easy to use.  You can participate in multiple challenges at one time, though I try not to do that too often.  Above all else, the community that uses this platform is super supportive and doesn’t get into a bunch of drama.



What I Dislike

Honestly, run the edge race review should also include things I don’t like… even though there isn’t much really.  Here’s what I don’t like about this platform:

  • Not many races

Seriously, that’s it.  It has the Run The Year race each year and the Amerithon race.  Other than that, the only other race I’ve seen is the Streaker Challenges which seem to occur in certain months.  I haven’t really figured those out yet as I got them for free as a bundle when I registered for Run The Year.


Run The Edge Race Review Summary

One of the very best.

So, to summarize Run The Edge Race Review, it is absolutely one of the best.  I didn’t even mention some of the goodies you get when you register for a race, I got a coloring book for Run The Year and a sticker book for Amerithon.  Plus t-shirts if you want!  The Streaker Challenges have like dog tags.  Cool merch!

I do recommend this site, definitely.  While you do get the medals immediately, before you earn them.  There are milestones that you reach in order to earn badges or pieces in some cases.  Also, I can’t stress enough how motivating it is to have such a supportive community.  I really like that.

And, by the way, if you’re looking for a cool way to track your progress on your races or just to jot down the details, be sure to check out our Virtual Race Journal.  These journals allow you to document all of the details of your race from start and finish dates to registration fees and pace times, and let’s not forget about that ever so important motivational playlist!  Grab one for yourself while supplies last.

Now… get to stepping!



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