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Breakfast Bubble Up
Breakfast Bubble Up

Sure, I know recipes are nothing new.  But they are new to this particular website.  Baby steps, remember?  From now on I’ll be sharing any new recipes I try and how they will help this weight loss journey of mine.  I hope you find something that will inspire you to cook a health(ier) meal!

So instead of making you wait for it, why don’t we start off with a hearty breakfast meal.  I posted this to my personal Facebook account yesterday and people are asking for the recipe!  I do love to share so who am I to say no?  This particular meal was a pretty standard meal with bacon, eggs, and biscuits.  I think it was just more attractive because I made it a little differently than normal.  I turned it into a Breakfast Boil Up!

Now, we can’t just post pictures of yummy deliciousness and not provide the essential health metrics, you know for tracking purposes!  Yes, I know, counting calories sucks.  Macro’s, points, calories…whatever you’re tracking…it’s a pain in the big ol’ backside.  Rest easy my fair friends, I’ve done the work for you!  I have entered the recipe on both MyFitnessPal and Weight Watchers in order to be able to provide the numbers for you.  You’re welcome.




I use the MyFitnessPal website to track my meals.  This allows me to keep track of how many calories I consume each day, as well as Sodium, Protein, Fat, etc.  One of the main problems with my diet is that I regularly don’t consume enough calories.  MyFitnessPal helps me to know when I need to eat more and I’m learning to spread smaller meals throughout the day to get those calories in.

My average calories per day before I started setting my goals was between 800 and 1,000 calories.  MyFitnessPal encourages you to set healthy habits and eat the appropriate amount of calories, therefore you are punished if you don’t eat enough.  It will not show you the future weight prediction and it will not allow you to share your journal for that day.  I love this feature, keeps me honest!

MyFitnessPal Ingredient List
Breakdown of Nutrients

All in all, not too terribly bad in the way of calories and such, assuming we stay within our serving sizes of course.  Portion control is one of the biggest keys to losing weight, so it’s important to track your servings and serving sizes.  Also, watch the sodium levels.  I am currently dealing with High Blood Pressure and the doctor advised me to keep an eye on how much Sodium I am consuming as that can contribute to these issues.  So I use MyFitnessPal to see what the daily allotment is for each area and make sure I stay under it.  I only used half of the package of turkey bacon for this meal as I used the rest for another meal, thank goodness!  That kept the sodium down.  My doc will be proud.


Weight Watchers

If you’re following the Weight Watchers Freestyle Program, this meal won’t be one that you want to frequent.  It is 12 points total for one serving.  As you can see from the breakdown, the high number of points is due to the biscuits, cheese, and bacon.  This meal is hard for me in particular because I’m still drinking one Mountain Dew a day, no I haven’t weaned myself off of it yet but SO close!  That one Mountain Dew is 10 points so I don’t have many left for meals.  I would have to eat several zero points meals if I combined this breakfast with my morning caffeine fix.

Weight Watchers
Freestyle Points

There are many ways you can reduce the points on this meal.  I think just taking the biscuits out would reduce the points dramatically so that you could be a bit more flexible throughout the day.  The cheese isn’t a necessary ingredient either.  If you use it for flavor, maybe a little hot sauce will help liven up those eggs for ya.

So my promise to you is that I will provide the most accurate information I have been able to find and my understanding of that information. I will provide the links to the studies, my own decisions, and my own observations for how they impact my life and my health.  My website and posts in no way offer any medical advice to you, be sure to check with your physician before starting any new diet plan or exercise.

The idea is to forget skinny and be a healthy and fit badass, not cause more problems. Do what you think is best for you…and eat well while doing so!

Talk soon,


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