Perfect Fitness Crunch Product Review

Perfect Fitness Crunch




Ease of Use





  • Easy to Use
  • Mesh Canopy
  • Perfect Form


  • Price
  • Storage

Perfect Fitness Crunch

Ab Cruncher
Ab Cruncher

The Perfect Fitness Crunch is a piece I affectionately call my torture device. While it is effective to do your crunches with it, as a beginner it’s hard work!

My spirit animal is a sloth so when it comes to the set aside time to use this piece there is a ton of whining going on in my house.

The hardest part of using this piece of equipment is putting it together. I’m sure for some people directions are easy to read. For me putting the mesh backing on this sucker was a work out!



The piece is designed as a multi-function piece of equipment. The different uses for it are crunches, push-ups and dips. I have not yet tried it for a push up, I have used it for dips and crunches. It is strong! I never thought for a second that it couldn’t hold my weight.

The mesh canopy is fantastic! I do not have central air in my house so having a breathable fabric is wonderful! The canopy keeps your neck and head in the proper position for your crunches at all times. In other words, there is no dropping of the neck and killing the little frog that lives in your throat. My frogs name is Herman by the way.

Push Ups
Push Ups

Moving along. To do push-ups or dips on the torture device, I mean piece of equipment, you simply turn it over. It’s that easy to use. Being so user friendly gives this bad boy an extra point or two.

There is no need really for a chart or video to explain how to use it, however there are diagrams on the box if you feel you actually need that. I would rate this piece as vital if you are going to work your core at home because you can’t mess up your form if your using it.


Price & Storage

That being said I feel totally ripped off because I bought mine at Walmart. It cost me a whopping $50. To give you an idea of price point elsewhere, I checked Amazon. They have it for $27.44. So yeah, I’m pretty mad about that. Otherwise, I’m thrilled with this piece of equipment.

The downside is storage. If you don’t have a lot of space to store your equipment it’s a bummer. It does not fold and taking it apart every time you want to put it away is not an option for me.

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