Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike Product Review

Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike




Ease of Use





  • It's Cheap


  • It's Cheap!
  • Doesn't Stay Still
  • Falls Apart With Any Use

Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike

Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike
Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike

The Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike duped me.  I was looking for something to put under my desk and use while I was on the computer.

This piece was advertised as being a low impact exercise. Pedal your way to better circulation. Tension adjuster controls your workout level. Easy assembly and made of metal. Sounded good.

At a price point of $13 why not give a try? DON’T this thing is a piece of junk.

I know I put it together correctly and yet it falls apart every single time I use it. I tried someone with smaller feet… one pedal in and it fell apart.

It has zero resistance no matter how tight you try to make its little knob. It slips and slides everywhere. It’s just garbage. There is no nice way to put it.

Cheaper is not always better. Back away, don’t buy the Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike… it’s a total waste of money.

Am I missing something?  If you have this pedal cycle exercise bike thing…let me know if it’s doing the same for you in the comments.

You’ve been warned!



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