Sunday Stats Week 5

Sunday Stats – Post Pandemic – Week 5

My Progress – Week 5 This week went better.  I got back on track with my diet, despite the stress.  Also, I got off my butt and got active.  Tracking happened as well! Goal #1 – Diet – My blood sugar tracking could have gone better.  I had not tracked my blood sugar at all since the 4th.  I didn’t start tracking my blood sugar again until the 22nd.  This…


Sunday Stats – Week Three

My Progress – Week 3 Let me just tell you up front, this week was horrible for healthy habits.  Almost every single day this past week had some form of super emotional stress.  Tuesday I found out there’s yet another obstacle for getting lender approval to build my house.  I’ve been battling obstacles on it for four months now.  Wednesday we were dealing with Tropical Storm Elsa so we had…