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30 Day Leg Challenge – Ki – Week 1

New Challenge & New Goals It looks like Beck and I both slacked off big time for February.  I almost regret calling off the challenge for February as we both seem to have completely lost our motivation which has had a negative result for both of us. But like she said, it’s time to get up, dust off our shoulders and get to work.   March Challenge – 2019 -…


30 Day Leg Challenge – Beck – Week 1

New Challenge & New Goals I don’t have much to say this week. I’ve been sick. I’m still sick and not really feeling the typing stuff. Hopefully I’ll have more to share with you next week. Sorry.     March Challenge – 2019 – Week 1 Week 1 Measurements Thigh: 22″ Weight: 198.8 Pounds Day 3 – Sunday I was motivated today. I got up and cleaned. Ran errands. Did…


30 Day Leg Challenge – Ki – Baseline Stats

New Challenge & New Goals We are back to working on our legs.  Going into this, I was somewhat dreading it because I still remember how two hundred somethin’ squats felt.  Not.  Good. Thankfully, this particular challenge doesn’t have unreasonable numbers to accomplish each day.  We start very low and we work our way up to 15 reps per set.  I like this approach so much better, I can do…


30 Day Leg Challenge – March Fitness

March Challenge – 2019 I still can’t believe we’re two months into 2019.  Team Sloth and I finished January’s 30 Day Arm Challenge and decided to take February off. Beck went on vacation to Iceland and I had some things going on that had my focus elsewhere so the time off allowed us to handle our plans without added complications of a fitness challenge.  But now it’s time to get…


Monday Motivation – Ki – 1/21/2019

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress I am still doing the whole Keto Diet thing.  I had decided in December to start the diet but it took me several attempts to get it right.  I’m now on week two of being in ketosis. I’m finding it quite a bit easier to do than the first few times I tried.  I just tend to overcomplicate things right at the very beginning…