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Lotus Yoga Mat Exercise Product Review

Lotus Yoga Mat Do you use the Lotus Yoga Mat? This sucker is THIN! I mean it’s so thin if you don’t have carpeted floors it’s miserable to use thin! The upside is that it’s got a textured surface so you don’t slip and slide all over the place when you sweat. Although I’ve recently learned your supposed to use a towel for that. At home, I don’t want to increase…


Golds Gym Thigh Toner Product Review

Golds Gym Thigh Toner Golds Gym Thigh Toner…I think you’ll recognize this little purple bad boy. Back in the day it would be called a thigh master. It’s advertised as a “compact toning system that works your hips, thighs and glutes. Easy to use, you simply grip the padded handles between your knees and press inward. The thigh trimmer can also be used to strengthen your upper body by pressing…


Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike Product Review

Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike The Pedal Cycle Exercise Bike duped me.  I was looking for something to put under my desk and use while I was on the computer. This piece was advertised as being a low impact exercise. Pedal your way to better circulation. Tension adjuster controls your workout level. Easy assembly and made of metal. Sounded good. At a price point of $13 why not give a try?…


Golds Gym Toning Ball Product Review

Golds Gym Toning Ball Product Review The Golds Gym toning ball is a textured latex ball filled with sand. The sand makes the ball pliable. It will form around your fingers. A toning ball is the equivalent to old fashioned medicine balls as workouts are concerned. The idea is to use it for throwing and catching, lifting and lowering, and added weight to your stretching and cardio exercise. Overall, it’s…


Fitness Challenge Names – Beck

Fitness Challenge Names Fitness challenge names is a great way to switch up your workout routine when you get bored with what your currently doing. Beck found this challenge on Facebook and thought she couldn’t do it.  She told herself she couldn’t do it.  When she finds herself saying that, she makes it a point to prove to herself that she can. Being big girls, we sometimes need to modify our…


Benefits of Stretching Before Exercise

Why Stretching Is Important What are the benefits of stretching before exercise?  Simply put, when stretching is done properly, it improves our tissue quality.  Not to mention stretching improves our flexibility.  If we don’t improve or maintain tissue quality in our bodies, there is a greater potential for injuries the muscles during our workouts. There are two main types of stretching and many people are confused about what they are…