Playmate Body Shaming – Dani Mathers

    Dear Dani, A playmate body shaming, really?!  How DARE you!  You should be ashamed of yourself.  Just because you choose to show your nude body to the world does NOT give you the right to share anybody else’s.  I’ll get to body shaming in a minute but invading that lady’s privacy and posting it for the world to see, whether accidental or not, is absolutely unacceptable! As a woman, how…


    Sunday Stats – Week 1

    My Progress – Week 1 Goal #1 – 10,000 Steps – I’m still sporting an air cast but this week was all about proving the doctor wrong and reaching 10,000 steps again.  It was a bit of a painful week but I achieved my goal on three days by walking those steps.  Before I broke my leg, I found that taking long walks in the hot Florida sun was just too…


    Top 10 Weight Loss Plans

    First…My Disclaimer The top 10 weight loss plans listed here should not be considered my personal recommendation.  I want to state that up front.  Throughout this website, you will notice that I often repeat that everybody’s body is different. Different bodies respond differently to various diets and exercises.  I cannot tell you what will work for your body.  My aim is to provide information on what I’ve learned on my journey in hopes…