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Sunday Stats – Week Three

My Progress – Week 3 Let me just tell you up front, this week was horrible for healthy habits.  Almost every single day this past week had some form of super emotional stress.  Tuesday I found out there’s yet another obstacle for getting lender approval to build my house.  I’ve been battling obstacles on it for four months now.  Wednesday we were dealing with Tropical Storm Elsa so we had…


Sunday Stats – Week Two

My Progress – Week 2 Okay, let’s just pretend that week 1 wasn’t a full two and a half months ago.  Deal?  I have most certainly not done well during this time.  I have basically been yo-yo dieting all this time, which is not good.  But I did well for the full week over the last two weeks, so we’re going to count last week as week 2. So let’s…

Monday Motivation - Week One

Monday Motivation – Slothy Goals

Weight Loss Journey – Beck’s Progress Imagine that, another Beck post and it hasn’t been years in between. Yay me! Sticking to something for more than a day. Progress? Maybe. Who knows? Let’s just jump into all of this shall we? June 1st was my birthday. Another trip around the sun for me. I figured I would use it the way most people use the New Year. I’d make myself…


A Slothy Comeback – Part 2

Weight Loss Journey – Beck’s Progress I wrote Part 1 of the Sloth Comeback in August of 2020.  We posted it this morning, but dated it for when I wrote it. And what happened? Was this my “Genesis Project” as I had titled it in my notebook? No. No it was far from that. It was a tiny step out of depression but it wasn’t the movement that I thought…

Achievement App Reviews - Featured

Achievement App Reviews

Achievement App Reviews After reading Achievement App Reviews, I signed up for Achievement several years ago.  In fact, it was so long ago, I can no longer find the original emails from signing up.  I only keep my email folders for a few years at a time.  Anyway, this is just one of the ways I earn money while getting healthy. The first one I signed up for was HealthyWage. I…

Conquer 2020

Conquer 2020 – Race Review

Conquer 2020 Virtual Race Review The Conquer 2020 Virtual Race was one of our first races.  I saw the “Conquer 2020” theme and just had to have it.  It was so incredibly fitting for the year 2020 too!  It was a rough year, right? When I saw it, I shared it with Beck and we talked about it.  We discussed setting a goal for 2,020 miles but we were already…