Monday Motivation – Post Pandemic – Week 7

Weight Loss Journey – Ki’s Progress This week didn’t go so well either.  I had every intention of staying on top of my goals.  But Tuesday was a killer day at work and I literally went straight to bed immediately after work. I didn’t eat well, I didn’t track well.  No getting up and getting active.  It just didn’t happen.  The entire work week was chaotic for me and really…

Sunday Stats Week 7

Sunday Stats – Post Pandemic – Week 7

My Progress – Week 7 Guys, this is totally embarrassing.  I completely failed everything this week.  I didn’t eat healthy, I didn’t track anything, and I wasn’t active.  No excuses though, I just didn’t do what I needed to do.  I made unhealthy choices this week on a massive scale and most likely undid my progress from the week before.  Today is Sunday and I’m still cheating and making bad…

Sunday Stats Week 6

Sunday Stats – Post Pandemic – Week 6

My Progress – Week 6 Okay, I’m not going to lie, this week was incredibly frustrating.  But I knew it might be going into it.  Let me explain… before grocery shopping last weekend, I had found that Atkins sells frozen dinners that are low carb.  I cook and meal prep on the weekends but I was hoping to find something quick and easy for when we just don’t want what…

Mom Patrol Virtual Race Banner

Mom Patrol Virtual Race

Mom Patrol Virtual Race Review   The Mom Patrol Virtual Race was the fourth race that I signed up for.  To be honest, I really just wanted the badge.  I thought it was cute. I signed up for this race on May 9, 2020 and received the medal on May 11th.  The 10k was what I elected to achieve in order to earn this medal, granted… I actually received the…

Dont Slow Your Roll Banner

Don’t Slow Your Roll – Race Review

Don’t Slow Your Roll Virtual Race Review The Don’t Slow Your Roll Virtual Race was the very first race that I signed up for.  I think the Sloth signed up for it at the same time.  It was the race that got us both interested in participating in virtual races. I mean… golden toilet paper in the year that people stock piled toilet paper preventing others from getting any.  How…

Virtual Pace Series Races

Virtual Pace Series – Race Platform

Virtual Pace Series Review The Virtual Pace Series platform is one that I frequently participate in.  My reviews of the races from this site will be very, very similar.  The themes of the events are different, based on certain holidays, movies, current events, etc. So you can participate in just the events you’re interested in.  This platform isn’t as interactive as some of the others like the Best Damn Race…