October Fitness Challenge – Bat Wings!

October Fitness Challenge

Bat Wing Challenge
Bat Wing Challenge

As we finish up the last few days of September’s Sleep Challenge, it’s time to introduce our next challenge.

We both have wiggly, jiggly arms that we’d really like to get rid of.  So this month, since it is the month of Halloween, we are going to focus on our bat wings!  By bat wings, we mean the wiggly, jiggly on the back of our arms that hide our triceps.

We will each focus on toning our arms and getting rid of the wiggly, jiggly bat wings that drive us bonkers which should also strengthen our triceps allowing us to be stronger for things like push ups, planks, and tricep dips.

Have you been struggling to get rid of the jiggle in your arms too?  We’d love to have you join us on this challenge.

Unfortunately, Fitbit really has no way to track this for us.  So this challenge will be just a little different than our last 2 challenges.


Bat Wings Challenge

Toned Arms
Toned Arms

We will each use whichever methods we want to use in order to tone our arms and get rid of our bat wings.  We will monitor our progress by the amount of push ups and tricep dips we can do as well as the amount of time we can plank with proper form for each exercise.  Of course, these will need to be done on video so that they can be properly judged.

If we are making progress on this challenge, each of those exercises should improve each week.  At the end of the month, the person that can do the most push ups, the most tricep dips, and hold their plank the longest will win this challenge.  Each properly performed exercise will equal 1 point.  The person with the most points wins.

The runner up in this challenge will need to make a sign that says, “I slacked off this month and have to wear this sign.  Do you like my pig tails?”  They should then put their hair in pig tails, take a picture holding the sign, and set the picture as their Facebook profile pic for one week.

Challenge Rules

  1. Ground RulesBaseline stats must be posted Monday, 10/3.
    Baseline stats must include the initial number of push ups, tricep dips, and plank time that each can do…on video.
  2. Weight and Measurements must be included in Monday posts.
    While this challenge doesn’t focus on weight or BMI measurements, these challenges are all a part of our weight loss journey so any progress should be counted.
  3. No excuses.
    If we can’t do these exercises for medical reasons or pain, we must find a modification that works for us but it should still use proper form.  For example, if we can’t do standard push ups, knees down is okay.
  4. We post our weekly stats every Monday for Motivation. 
    If we forget to post our stats or life gets in the way and we don’t make the time, we will be docked 1 point from our total as a penalty.  Our stats should include any noted changes in our body as well as how we feel with the amount of exercise we’re doing.  This post should also include a picture of our bat wing and a measurement of our bicep.

Monday, October 3rd, we will both post our baselines.  This will show how many push ups we can do, how many tricep dips we can do, and how long we can hold a plank initially.  From that point on, we will post our weekly stats every Motivational Monday showing our progress with these exercises, including pictures of our bat wings.  On October 31st, our final stats will be posted.  November 1st, the results will be tallied and a winner will be determined.

Who’s joining us for this challenge?

Stay tuned!


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