November Challenge – Sunday Stats – Beck

November Challenge – 2018 – Beck

Who set these goals?  This week has been super funky. So just how did I do on my goals?

Self Care

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Self Care

Wash my face twice a day. So far so good on this goal. I remembered to wash my face in the morning before putting on make up and then after work every single day. I did good! Gold star face washer!

Brush my teeth twice a day. So far it’s all aces with this one too. I do it right after washing my face and BEFORE I allow myself to cheat and just go take a shower. Gold Star!

Brush my hair every day. That’s going to be a negative Ghost Rider on this one. Messy buns just hide so many crimes. I was running late Friday to work and decided brushing my hair was out. Up it went into the messy bun, under the hair net and then a hat… bleh… forget it. But one day out of seven wasn’t that bad. I’m still going to give myself a silver star on this one… because it’s my goal and I can.

3 meals a day within the calorie intake I want. Nope. That’s going to a negative again. I’m trying out intermediate fasting. That’s where you only have 8 hours in a day to eat. 10am to 6pm is my window to eat. Now I work from 6am to 4pm… with an hourly pay. I’m not about to clock out to eat. It’s not a good thing. I really have to find a way around this issue.

My want to just isn’t on this goal yet. Mindset issue. I have to work on it. If this section was being graded by just this goal, I would be at failure level for this week. I have an appointment with an actual nutritionist next week so I’ll let you know if this goal is going to be adjusted after that. For this week It’s a no star. Too many meals skipped for a quick snack or nothing.

Roadrunner Reality Check – You set up this challenge having us give ourselves points when we achieve our goals.  Not stars.  3 meals a day for the 6 days of the challenge would have given you 18 points if you did them all but you’re giving yourself zero here which isn’t correct.  You ate at least once during the week.  So you’re selling yourself short here.

Say something nice to myself once a day. Whoa is this one kinda hard. I’ve had to use things like “You are very good feeding your dog.” And try to leave off the part where my brain says “But you suck at feeding your fish, they don’t bark.” It’s a work in progress. I was able to pull something up every day so I’m giving myself a gold star.

Treat others the way you want to be treated always. Okay no, this one is going to be a silver star. There was this woman who was just on my last nerve Friday afternoon. I was sarcastic and just mean enough that she couldn’t really complain about me. I wouldn’t want someone to treat me like that. However I also don’t think that people should just take ish from people.

It’s a little bit of a catch 22 on how I feel about this goal. I may have to change it or reword it for my own mind to be okay. I’m thinking of changing it to treat people the way I want to be treated unless they’ve proven that they aren’t really worthy of my nice and need to be taught that I will not be abused by them or anyone else for that matter. Does that make sense? It’s a Silver Star for this week because I’m unsure where I stand on this goal.

Roadrunner Reality Check – So you achieved this 5 out of 6 days.  Be the change you want to see, remember?

Do something that makes me smile at least once a day. This one was by FAR the most fun for me. For one thing I was totally breaking a dress code rule with this one and I loved it. I busted out my knee socks. Harley Quinn (Old school Batman version) socks twice this week, Skulls on Wednesday, Nightmare before Christmas on Thursday and Friday.

Saturday I… hold on for this one because I about jumped up and down for this one. I put on a bra that I have NEVER been able to close comfortably around me. A real bra. Not a sports bra which is usually my go to. An honest to goodness bra with no extenders or anything like that. Just the bra. I put it on. It was comfortable enough to wear all day long. I wore it going to thrift stores and yard sales.. It was fantastic! Sunday I rocked skelly hand bows! GOLD STAR!

So Seven goals in the Self care section. 4 Gold Stars and 3 silvers. Not bad.. I’m going to say that’s a 670 out of 700 possible. 95% That’s an A for the week. I passed. YAY!

Roadrunner Reality Check – Where in the world did 700 points come from???  There were 66 possible points based on your goals.  Until you give yourself credit for the meals you didn’t skip that were within caloric goals, you earned 46 points out of the 66 available.  That’s a 70%, Love, not an A.  Sorry, but this challenge isn’t worth doing if you’re not honest with yourself.



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Household Chores

OH dear lord… this one is just… bless my heart. LOL! Whatever let’s just jump into this nonsense shall we?

Do the dishes after every meal. Yes, I did this. Every morning after breakfast… when I cooked it. Okay see I kinda set my kitchen on fire I think it was on Tuesday or Thursday… I’m not really sure what day. I know it wasn’t Wednesday because my kid was home. Whatever the point is I did the dishes after breakfast and dinner… but yeah we’ll get into how this was kind of a cheat later in another goal. Whatever Gold star for me.

Laundry… washing, drying, folding and putting away. Umm… nope. All I washed this week was my uniform for work and it went directly from the dryer onto my body. So it’s a I didn’t do this so it’s like a blue star or something.

Clean kitchen daily…. Nope. I did set it on fire as I mentioned earlier. Cleaned it really good after that and then just didn’t really use it again until Sunday.

Clean one room per day. Nope… no stars. Just Nope. Didn’t wanna. I skipped it.

Mow the lawn every two weeks. I DID THIS! I mowed the lawn Monday afternoon after work. YAY! Gold star. Can’t count it again until two weeks from now.

House should be clean by Sunday. HA! No… Nope Didn’t happen. No stars.

I’m gonna be honest… it’s an F. Fail Flunk… Didn’t happen. Summer school will be needed type of fail.

Roadrunner Reality Check –  There were 22 possible points based on your goals and the fire.  You earned 14 points out of the 22 available.  That’s a 63%.



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Family Love

Take Ciara to school EVERY day that I don’t have to work at 6am.  Ciara got to school every day I could take her, she got home every day that I could bring her home. Gold star mommy!

RRC –  So…3 points?  4? 5? We’ll say 3 until you correct us.

Make breakfast every morning.  Nope… set the kitchen on fire. 2 out of 7 there.

RRC –  You started the challenge on the 29th – Monday.  So Sunday doesn’t count.  2 out of 6.

Make dinner every night. Again… nope. Didn’t. 3 out of 7.

RRC –  6.

Hug the dragon. She wants me to stop this… I will not… it gives me the giggles. 7 of 7.

RRC –  6 of 6.

Visit my mom only 3 days. Okay this is a kinda achieved. I say kinda because I couldn’t find another human to go to yard sales with me Saturday so I made her go. She didn’t want to if that helps the situation.

Drag sister to the gym once a week for as long as she’s willing to do so.  I didn’t even go to my sister’s house this week. Bad sissy.

Play with my doggy. Totally rocked that goal. My dog is so awesome.

I’m giving myself a B for this week here.

Roadrunner Reality Check –  Nope, sorry.  There were 31 possible points based on your goals and the fire.  You earned 23 points out of the 31 available.  That’s a 74%, C.



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Social Butterfly

1. Schedule a time to hang out with Ki in person. I have not yet scheduled time to hang with Ki… good thing I have a month for this huh?

2. Go to a museum, an SCA event, or state park at least once in the month.  Have not yet went to a museum, a state park or anywhere yet.

3. Spend adult time with other humans. Adult time… yes I did drag my mom out to yard sales because I wanted to go and she was a semi willing adult.

Roadrunner Reality Check –  You earned 1 out of 3 possible points for this category.  That’s a 33%.  Yikes!  But this one you do have all month to do so, not bad.


1. Create one thing a month and post it on MDC.

2. Research garb for SCA events that I won’t hate.

I haven’t created anything yet or posted it.

I did do some research into garb. I’m thinking Bedouin. Haven’t decided. Still looking!

Roadrunner Reality Check –  Hey, one out of two ain’t bad!


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1. 5 – 10 minute HIIT workout before work daily.  5 to 10 minute HIIT workout before work I worked 5 days this week and I did four morning workouts.. I was late on Friday. Wasn’t happening.  Silver Star

2. 10 -20 minute HIIT workout after work daily.  Yup. Did it! Gold star.

3. 10 – 30 minute HIIT workout after dinner daily.  Yup. Gold star. I think it helps that I can’t be at my computer without sitting at my recumbent bike. So I might as well do a HIIT while I’m sitting here.

4. Go to the Gym at least twice a week.  YES, I did this Thursday and Saturday.

5. Go for a walk outside in fresh air at least once a week.   RRC –  ???.

6. Drink 10 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  Gold star. Did it.

7. Stay under 2,000 calories a day.  Ummm… I don’t know. I actually forgot to track it. Because… I just didn’t.

Roadrunner Reality Check –  There were 31 possible points for this category.  You earned 23 points.  That’s a 74%.  Still a C though.

I deem the grade a B for this week.

Roadrunner Reality Check –  No, Honey, you can’t just guess a grade.  That’s not being honest with yourself.  I’m sorry.  There were 155 possible points overall.  You earned 108 points.  That’s a 69.7%.  That’s a D.  We’re going to have to step it up this week.

Overall the place that I lack the most discipline is the house cleaning. I gotta tell ya, I’m kind of okay with the Sloth winning there. It’s going to take some time to get into great habits with that. For now the okay habits just feels good enough.

I’m going to reevaluate everything this week and decide if I have goals that are actually right for me based on what the personal trainer says at the gym Monday and the nutritionist says on Tuesday afternoon. I’ll make a post about all of that on Wednesday.

Until next time, be nice to yourself and others.



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