November Challenge – Deep Conversation with a Sloth

November Challenge – 2018 – Beck

Sloth Says

As of the time that I’m tap tap tapping away on my keyboard, it’s October 31st. Happy Halloween and all of that good stuff. But what is your point Beck? For the love of chicken gravy could you just get to it? FINE! Relax, it’s coming. Ready?

I set my goals. It was painful. I mean me and the Sloth had some knock down drag outs over my “Start Somewhere” journal I picked up at Dollar Tree over what is an appropriate goal or even if the goals were too much.

It’s such a weird thing when you are being brutally honest with yourself. If you aren’t tough enough and make the goals very easy then you are cheating yourself out of a fulfilling experience. On the other hand if you place the bar so high up that a giraffe would have a hard time reaching it then you are setting up for failure.

The sloth of course was like “Yo, easier is better. You have a possibility of achieving success if you make them easy. Otherwise you know I’m going to complain and you aren’t going to achieve a thing. Really… look at me. I’m serious here.” To which I nodded and said I know that’s true, I’m expecting a huge fight from you. Huge sigh and a ton of thinking…. writing down what I’d love to see happen in my world but feeling a little down about the whole deal.

Bumbling Heifer

Every once in awhile I have this tiny little bumble bee in my head. This little thing buzzes around and says things like “Yes you can.” and “Of course you will” super quick little buzzes and it’s gone. Comes out of nowhere but it energizes me in a way that I don’t normally understand.

I accomplish so much when this little buzz happens in my ear. I don’t think I’m ready for this little bee to my spirit animal. (Sloth: Nope, I’ll eat the bumbling heifer. My place) I love when she visits. There she was zooming by my ear “Why not?”, “That’s not crazy.”, “You can do that… keep it.”

With the warring spirit creatures going at it , I was able to really find what I believe is balanced, challenging and obtainable goals for my life as a whole.


My Goals

Self Care

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Self Care

I started with the topic that I find the hardest to accomplish every single day. Self Care. That seems like it should be the easiest one to do. Who doesn’t care for themselves? The answer is apparently me.

I’m not really good about thinking what do I need or want for myself and following through with it. Weird huh? Not really, it feels selfish to focus on oneself. That’s kind of the point though isn’t it? How do you make yourself healthy and happy if you don’t do a little selfish time and focus on you? So here are the goals I chose and why I chose them.

1. Wash my face 2 times a day. I’m pretty good about doing this after work but terrible about doing it in the morning. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome. My skin breaks out super easy. Since I started working in the public I wear make up every single day. So when I get up in the morning and throw make up on a dirty face I’m sealing the gunk in there. It’s a must.

2. Brush my teeth twice a day. Again, I’m super at this in the morning… before bed the feel like it is not there.

3. Brush my hair every single day. Guess what… a messy bun covers tons of crimes. This is a bad. Stop it!

4. 3 meals a day within the calorie intake I want. Mostly just 3 meals you weirdo… eating once at night with a massive amount of calories is just not good.

5. Say something nice to myself one time a day. You don’t suck and I don’t know why you think you do. Let the bee live in there at least once a day.

6. Treat others ALWAYS the way you want to be treated. You always say be the change you want to see and be kind to yourself as well as others. It’s time you live by your mottos and do that everyday. Even days where you kinda feel like you want a zombie apocalypse to wipe out at least half of the population. Want it… but be nice to people too.

7. Do something that makes you smile at least once a day. You don’t have to share that smile. It can be as simple as wearing a pair of Harley Quinn knee high socks (Totally against work dress code) or a hidden skull somewhere while living your life. But do something that makes you smile.



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Household Chores

Next hardest goals was my house. This one was hard because I had to really decide if some of the goals I originally set were they home or were they for my family?

In the end, I decided some things were for my family over the house so they moved.

1. Do the dishes after every single meal. Not just once a day… after EVERY meal.

2. When doing laundry it requires washing, drying, folding and putting that ish away. Washing, drying and throwing into a basket is not enough.

3. Clean kitchen daily.

4. Clean one other room per day.

5. Mow the lawn once every two weeks.

6. House should be clean by Sunday every single week. No excuses.



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Family Love

Family now this one was a weird one. It was more about limitations and what I really need to push myself to do stuff I don’t like doing for myself or my family.

1. Take Ciara to school EVERY day that I don’t have to work at 6am. Take her home from school any day I get off before 1pm.

2. Make breakfast every weekday morning.

3. Make dinner every night. Out eating needs to be special occasions or rewards only.

4. Hug the Dragon at least once a day. Even when she’s not wanting to be bothered. Make her interact with humanity one time a day for a few moments.

5. Visit my mom no more than 3 days a week. It is not your responsibility to “do” for her yet. Give her only three days.

6. Drag sister to the gym once a week for as long as she’s willing to do so. Her goals have to be set by herself and not you.

7. Play with your dog every day for at least five minutes. Play can be cuddle when he’s not wanting to play.



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Social Butterfly

Sigh…. Social.

A butterfly in this area I am not. The amount of people that I’m cool with hanging with is about a hand full.

Some of those people are blood related. Even then it’s oh so limited amounts of time.

My goals with this are very few. Ready?

1. Schedule a time to hang out with Ki in person. Then DO IT.

2. Go to a museum, an SCA event, or state park at least once in the month.

3. Spend adult time with other humans. Could be my sister and her husband… anyone… just adult time.

That’s it. That’s as social as I want to get. Let’s move on.


This is simple.

1. Create one thing a month and post it on MDC. (that’s a crafty group on Facebook)

2. Research garb for SCA events that I won’t hate.

That’s it. TA DA!


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The last category is Exercise these goals were easy to set.

1. 5 – 10 minute HIIT workout before work daily.

2. 10 -20 minute HIIT workout after work daily.

3. 10 – 30 minute HIIT workout after dinner daily.

4. Go to the Gym at least twice a week.

5. Go for a walk outside in fresh air at least once a week.

6. Drink 10 8 ounce glasses of water a day.

7. Stay under 2,000 calories a day.

And a BIG GIANT EXTRA goal that I really want to happen so it’s getting it’s own category…

Weight Under 200 lbs by December 1st.

FYI I’m at 212 pounds right now. So that’s 12 pounds to loose this month.

Wish me luck!


Until next time, be nice to yourself and others.



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