November Challenge – Girls Got Goals

November Challenge – 2018

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Life Categories

This challenge will be five weeks long. Beginning on October 29th and ending on December 1st.

To participate in this challenge you must separate your life into categories. The categories are as follows:

Home – This is household chores like dishes or cleaning your car. All the annoying little things that must be done around the house.

Work – Obviously this is what you do to make money. OR it could be what you would like to build out to be a career. For example that would be promoting this website for me over that day job thing I do to pay bills. I’m not a real big fan of that job.

Hobbies – What you do for stress relief. Do you scrap book, play with your genealogy, build air ships in your back yard? D, all of the above?

Self Care – This is the health stuff… like did you brush your hair this morning? (For the record.. no, no I didn’t.) Wash your face? Take your medications? Drink your glasses of water? Eat the amount of calories you set out to consume? Eat the amount of meals you set out to consume? No? Then yeah, you need these goals too.

Family – This is shockingly time you spend with family! Doing the things that families do… or should do together. Kids, mom’s… cousins… siblings… whatever the family time.

Exercise – Whether you work out at the gym or at home… you need to set these goals and stick to them too.

Social-Emotional – This is where friends or outside your house time is involved. It could be chatting online… I do that as my social time sometimes… Don’t judge! Whatever it is, you need to do these social things before you turn into a little hermit crab. Don’t be a crab… get some social goals.


Set Goals

Set SMART Goals!

Now that you know the categories you are going to work with… it’s time to start setting some goals.

Sit down with a journal and a pen. Now break down each category for yourself. NO Excuses!

You need to be brutally honest with yourself for this challenge. Personal care do you really brush your teeth twice a day? Do you want to shave your legs every day but you really do it maybe twice a month? Write that down… make it a daily goal.

When was the last time you went somewhere other people where? I’m not talking about work.. that’s cheating! I’m talking about seeing a movie, going to dinner with friends, shopping with a friend.. going to another adults house for dinner… Going to a dog park. Getting outside of your bubble and exploring the world around you. Are you not a social butterfly? Okay, then you need goals there too.

Really look at each aspect of your world and make yourself goals. They don’t need to be every single day goals. No one needs to schedule themselves into hating the world they live in. Make those goals with brutal honesty and stick to them. No excuses!


Scheduled Goals

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Set New Goals and Take Action!

Some categories may have daily goals. Like drink 8 glasses of water a day.

Some may have weekly goals like “clean my shower and toilet” or hit the gym three times this week.

Some you may only be able to commit to once a month “See my bestie” for example or “Weigh under 200 lbs by December 1st” see, that’s a month long goal. Not something that can be done in a week.

We’ve made our goals… now what? As we did in October, we need to keep ourselves on the schedule of checking in once a week. Sunday seems to be the happy day for the both of us, so Sunday it is. If you happen to be following and playing along. Sunday is the day you count up your self given gold stars and give yourself a sugar free pudding as a reward for a week well done.


Challenge Achievement

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The Key to Success

SUCCESS! I made my goals, I checked in… wait did I make the grade?

Ki and I have agreed that we are teaching ourselves new habits with these goals and therefore we are schooling ourselves into success. Each category is a class in life and stuff… that being said, you need to pass your goals with a C average.

Let’s start with the daily goals here… cause you could totally pad your grade with these if you wanted to be a super shady Sloth. (He he he… who me?)

Say you have 7 self care goals you want to accomplish per day. And you do them all kinds of willy nilly…. four one day… five the next… blah blah… but you did them. Did you pass? I have 7 for 7 days that means that I could have gotten a total of 49 gold stars, tally marks… however you have decided to keep track of that goal.

Now you look at your week and you’ve checked off 4, 5, 7, 2, 7, and 3… did you pass? Add up your accomplish marks, you’ve got 28. Divide 28 by the 49 possible, you got… 0.57 with a bunch of numbers after it.

In other words, you got 57% and a big NOPE you didn’t score that section for the week. Bummer! Try harder next time!

It’s the same thing for the goals you set weekly or monthly… be careful with those because if you only set 1… and you fail to accomplish that… ummm…. guess what? No go. Sadness… like liquid sadness coming from the eyes even.

This is a hard one you guys… good luck teaching yourselves new habits. I know you can do this. I know I can do this!

Welcome to the new challenge… get your journal and a calendar ready… write out those goals and get started!


Until the next time we speak, be nice to yourself and others.



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